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Erotic Story/Edymaniac Keeping up with the adventures of slutty Ngozi [Part 6]

Ngozi threatened Usman with reporting him to the Police and it had him scared all weekend until she realised, she enjoyed how he took her and went for more.

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Ngozi wasn't in the mood now for playing along with his games.

"I've got a better idea. How about you leave me and Emeka alone? Then maybe, just maybe, if you are good." She mocked his threat back at him.

"I won't go to the police station right now and tell them about how my disgustingly ugly neighbour just raped me!" She regretted using that word the second she had said it, but in that moment she just wanted to hurt him so bad.

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She could tell the mention of rape had its desired effect. His face lost its energy and he suddenly looked very concerned. "R...rape? But I...I didn't...you enjoyed it. I could tell you did..."

His grip loosened on her wrists and he stepped back from her.

"That's irrelevant. I'm a good actress, I can put on my best distressed victim performance. It will be worthy of the Oscars. Look at the evidence, your cum is still leaking into my panties as we speak."

He took another step back, he was beginning to shake. "B...b...but."

"B...b...but what?" She snapped. "Look at you and look at me. Who do you think a judge would believe?"

He was looking around nervously now, he knew she was right.

Ngozi walked to her door and opened it.

"I might not report you though, as long as you leave me  alone!" She enjoyed how distraught he looked, then slammed the door shut.

He had another sleepless night. He checked the lobby through his peephole constantly, thinking he heard noises outside, and fearing she would actually come to her senses and go to the police anyway.

What had he done? How could he have been this stupid? He couldn't even get excited thinking about the memories of his encounter with her because now every time he did, he heard her voice in his head repeating the word "rape" over and over again.

All through the next day he couldn't eat or even focus on anything. Had she told her boyfriend? Was he about to kick his door in at any second with a gang of his mates and beat him to death? He knew he would if the tables were reversed.

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At around midday on the Sunday, he saw Ngozi leave her flat. She raised her middle finger to his door as she passed. Usman jumped back from the peephole. She was probably just guessing he was watching, but she was right in any case.

Where was she going? What did that finger mean? Had she decided to report him after all?

His stomach was in knots throughout the day. But nobody came to arrest him and eventually he fell asleep in his chair, waking sometime early on Monday morning with a pain in his neck. "Calm down Usman. It's going to be all right."

Ngozi had no intention of going to the police. She was angry at not having cum, and wanted to hurt him for his accurate presumptions about her. She knew by his reaction, that the threat of reporting him was going to be enough to make him keep his distance.

As time went on though, she started to feel really guilty. Threatening him with prison was a bit harsh.

Much to her annoyance, she had spent the entire weekend in a state of pure sexual frustration. Her demons had come back to haunt her in a big way. The thrill of being taken and fucked by a strange man was something she craved. Her clit had been permanently swollen and her nipples constantly stiff ever since her encounters with Gbenga and Usman.

Emeka had been too tired from work all weekend to satiate her needs. She could have masturbated, but it was almost as if she enjoyed being this frustrated. In a way she was punishing herself for her bad behaviour, by not allowing her body the release it now desperately needed.

Work on Monday was a nightmare. She could hardly concentrate on anything. She kept imagining how every man in the office would look naked, wondering how big their dicks were, and how they would feel being buried deeply inside her, as they took it in turns to roughly fuck her over her desk.

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Having got next to nothing done all morning, she nearly fainted and was close to taking herself off to the toilets to finger her pussy until she came hard, but she remained strong.

The worst thing was that Emeka had been sent on a business trip all week. It was as if Gbenga was doing it on purpose to keep them apart. He wouldn't be back until Thursday. It was maddening how horny she had become. Why did these rude men have such an effect on her? It wasn't worth worrying about why, the fact was they did.

She couldn't go on like this. She had to do something...or someone.

Usman jumped as he heard the three loud knocks on his door. Shaking from head to toe he crept towards the door and tried to look through the spyhole, but all he could see was black.

He put the chain on the door and opened it a crack. "Who...who's there?" Then he saw her.

Ngozi had her finger pushed against the spyhole.

"Let me in."

Usman’s eyes widened in shock. "Are the p...police with you?"

Ngozi laughed with derision. "Just open the door you, stupid man."

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