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Erotic Story/Edymaniac Keeping up with the adventures of slutty Ngozi [Part 5]

Usman's blackmail trap has been set for his sexy neighbour's girlfriend, Ngozi. Though a despicable man, she had to negotiate with him for the time being.

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Ngozi snapped her head to the side to avoid his stinking mouth. Usman just laughed at her and began to plant wet kisses across her silky smooth cheek and down along her jaw.

He twisted her head towards him and this time planted his lips over hers, squeezing them roughly in a lustful embrace.

"What's wrong? You were happy to kiss that old bastard last night?"

"Idiot like you!" She spat the words at him. As turned on as she was by her current situation, part of her now hated this ugly pig, for forcing himself on her. Her nipples had happened to sharp points and like they had been in the bus stop, were once again visible through her pink top.

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It was a good thing too that her leggings were black, otherwise she was sure she would also be revealing a damp spot spreading out from between her legs.

"You're the one who's about to get fucked by an idiot, my dear!" Usman resumed his assault on her mouth. She didn't kiss him back but allowed his tongue to thrust into her mouth deeply as he grunted and groaned happily. His hands wandered down from her waist and began massaging her fat, bouncy ass through the thin leggings material, it felt fantastically smooth and soft to the touch.

Usman 's dick was harder than it had ever been. He knew if he didn't use it soon, it was going to cum in his trouser.

He was desperate to see her breasts first though. His hands left her ass and hooked up under her top. She had a sports bra on underneath and it took a few mighty tugs to get the tight fitting material up and over her breasts. Eventually they sprang into view. He was surprised by just how perfect they were.

So big and full, with hardly any sag, and so soft to the touch. He instantly began sucking on them like a hungry dog. Ngozi moaned as he chewed on her sensitive nipples.

"Hmm you like having your big breasts sucked on, don't you?" Usman  teased.

"We should...we should go inside. Someone might see." Ngozi panted as he squeezed her breasts into his face once more.

"Don't worry darling, your boyfriend has gone to work. There’s nobody that’s going to interrupt us up here."

Sensing he could cum at any second. He hurriedly flipped Ngozi around and pulled down, not only her leggings, but also her blue cotton panties down around her ankles in one swift pull. He then freed his achingly hard dick from his trousers.

"Time for your punishment, you cheating whore!" Usman was so eager, he failed in his first few attempts to shove his dick roughly inside of her.

"You cannot get it in? I'm not surprised. I can't imagine any woman who wasn't blind, would willingly want to fuck you. You're an ugly pathetic man!" Ngozi tried to provoke his vain attempts at penetrating her.

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"Shut up you fool!" He uttered. With a loud grunt of pleasure Usman  finally managed to bury his dick into her warm wet pussy with one hard thrust. It caused Ngozi's knees to buckle, and she screamed loudly.

"AH YEAH!" He cried out to the heavens. Her hot gripping pussy was massaging his thick dick, and it felt beyond incredible.

Ngozi was pleasantly surprised by how thick his dick was. It was only average in length, maybe 6 inches or so, but what he lacked in length he certainly made up for in girth.

He grunted happily as he began to pound her roughly from behind.

Usman was very out of practice. His pace was unsettled and he couldn't find a fluid rhythm. Mostly down to the fact that he was just so overwhelmed at what he was doing. The sight in front of him was one he never in his wildest dreams thought he would ever see. A busty beauty, with a perfect  figure was bouncing on his dick. He practically had tears in his eyes just looking at her.

"Oh god yes! you're tight! Take that dick! Take it all!"

Ngozi had begun to moan louder as his rhythm improved.

"You sad bastard. Is this the only way you can enjoy sex? By forcing yourself on ladies?" She was determined to pretend at least, like she wasn't enjoying being roughly taken from behind by her ugly neighbour. But her body was betraying her as per usual. She couldn't hold in the streams of moans and whimpers which escaped her lips.

"Ha! Don't make me laugh. You asked for this o. You're a cheating little slut. Parading around in your skimpy skirts and tight tops, just begging for a good fucking!" He slapped her breasts a few times and pinched her nipples.

"You're nothing but a cock teasing bitch! Now it's time you enjoy the dick." With that he spanked her ass cheek hard, enjoying how her firm flesh jiggled. Ngozi screamed with the mixture of pleasure and pain.

"AH! UNGH! AH! Shut up you ugly BEAST! I can hardly feel your dick anyway!" She was lying of course, he was stretching her out nicely, but she still hated him for his audacity.

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Usman moved one hand to around her throat, with the other he pulled her head backwards by her hair. "You got a dirty mouth darling! Women in my days knew how to show some respect!" He whispered the words into her ear. He was starting to sweat heavily, he hadn't had this much of an exercise in a very long time and his breathing was becoming a struggle.

His thrusting began to slow again, but Ngozi wasn't having it, she was on the verge of an explosive orgasm. She started to pound herself backwards onto his dick with wild need for relief.

It was too much for him  to handle. He let go of her throat and hair and grabbed a hold of her wildly swaying breasts. They filled his large hands, as he squeezed them against her chest.

That was the final kiss of death for Usman though. The sensation of having her soft breasts moulding through his fingers, was beyond his limit. His dick twitched and he began to bark out a series of expletives as his balls began to empty their hot sticky load into the stunning beauty.


Ngozi felt her tight pussy walls get plastered by his cum. She was so close herself to her much needed climax. She tried in vain to thrust herself back onto him a few more times, desperate for the release her body craved, but he had already started to soften. Within no time at all he had pulled himself out of her warm wet hole.

"That was amazing...you...you were amazing." Usman  was panting heavily. The tears were about to return.

Ngozi's mood instantly switched to annoyance at her lack of an orgasm. She felt his cum dribble from her pussy and drip onto the cold hard hallway floor. She yanked up her leggings, snapping them back around her waist and pulled her top back down.

She was so annoyed with herself and him that she didn't want to look at his ugly face for a second longer.

She turned away and marched towards her apartment without saying a word.

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"Going so soon? When will I see you next? Don't go thinking this is over darling."

Quick as a flash Ngozi turned on her heels, took a few purposeful footstep towards him and slapped him around the face with all the strength she could muster. Her hand hurt with the force of it.

Bright lights danced in Usman's eyes for a few seconds, as he staggered backwards, clutching his cheek with shock.

"Never again! Get that through your pig thick skull!" She yelled.

Usman rubbed his stinging face. He quickly regained his composure though.

"It's not up for debate. If you don't want me telling your boyfriend what a slut the love of his life is, you will do as I say."

She tried to slap him again, really angry now, but she missed and struck his shoulder. He grabbed her arms and pinned them above her head as he pushed her up against the wall. His face was uncomfortably close to hers now and she could smell his wretched breath again.

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"This is what's gonna happen. You are going to pay me a visit once a week, after you finish work. Then maybe, just maybe, if you're good, I might just forget all about your little affair."