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Erotic Story/Edymaniac Keeping up with the adventures of slutty Ngozi [Part 3]

While Ngozi and Emeka's boss were having their session, their lonely neighbour just saw the whole thing happen, and he's having other ideas of his own.

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Ngozi stood there dumbstruck for a few seconds rubbing her lips, as the heat on her ass cheek began fading away. With a displeased sigh, she walked back inside and closed the door.

Ngozi and Emeka had only been living in their new apartment for about three months. She had met Usman, the man in the flat opposite theirs, on a handful of occasions.

Usman was 45 and lived alone. He had never married but he did have a 10 year old son from a previous relationship, who visited him about twice a year. Apart from that he rarely saw anyone. He was the epitome of a lonely man. Seeing as he hardly ever went out, he had let his appearance go to haywire.

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He was very overweight, with bad skin and bald hair. Gbenga may have been 10 years Usman's senior, but he kept in reasonable shape and looked after himself. If you stood them side by side, you would be convinced their ages were reversed.

Ngozi might have hardly ever seen him, but he saw her every day. From the first day she had moved in, he had taken every chance he had to lust after her. He knew her morning and evening routines, waiting eagerly by his front door's peephole for a brief glimpse of the incredible lady, leaving and returning home from work.

His favourite was the weekends though. Ngozi would go to the gym, in the mornings, and would often do stretches in the lobby. She always looked sexy, but on these occasions she looked unbelievable, in her skin tight leggings.

To put it mildly, he had become obsessed with her. Constantly playing with the bulge in his trouser every time she walked by. His imagination had always been his best friend and he had vividly concocted scenarios where she would get locked out of her flat and he would invite her in, then one thing led to another.

He would normally be cumming in his trouser before his vivid imagination could even get much further than her peeling up her blouse. That was just how sexy this girl was.

He rarely had the nerve to speak to her though, and the few times they had crossed paths in the lobby, he would go awkward and shuffle off inside before he got an instant erection in front of her.

This evening though something had happened which had shocked him to the bone. He lay awake going over the events in his mind all night, wondering how best to handle what he had seen.

It had started when he heard Emeka, or as he liked to call him, the lucky bastard, singing merrily out in the corridor. He went to have a look, hoping Ngozi was with him, but saw he was being supported instead by an older man, who he presumed must be his dad.

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Disappointed by only seeing her worthless partner and some old man, who in his mind was now equally as much of a lucky bastard, for getting to spend even a second in Ngozi's angelic company.

About half an hour later he heard their door open once more and rushed back to his peep hole. This time what he saw made his jaw drop to the floor, and he very nearly came right there and then in his instantly tented trousers.

Ngozi and the old guy had emerged from the flat, but just as she was about to shut the door on him, he had pulled her out into the hall, shoved her up against the wall and planted a passionate kiss upon her lips.

Usman watched in awe, his heart pounding in his chest, unable to believe what he was seeing. He was expecting her to push him away, to shout and scream and slap the man. Then maybe Usman could rush to her aid like a knight in shining armour. Something for which he was sure, she would be eternally grateful for. That never happened though.

For some unimaginable reason, she didn't fight him of. Even allowing him to grope her wonderfully fleshy ass as he savaged her mouth with his own. Then the old man had the audacity to slap her ass hard and walk away, leaving the be beautiful lady with a puzzled look upon her gorgeous face.

Usman stepped back from his door, blinking in disbelief. His hand was still massaging the bulge in his trousers, as his brain tried to piece together what he had just seen.

Was his busty beauty of a neighbour really having an affair? But why? And why on earth would she be having one with a man who looked to be 3 times her age? Could it have been Emeka's father? Surely not. None of it made sense.

No matter how he tried to understand it, each outcome seemed laughable. Was it a dare? Had her boyfriend put her up to it? Surely there wasn't any part of her that liked much older men...was there?

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Usman couldn't eat or sleep that night. He rolled out of bed the following morning and began pacing up and down his flat, still going over the events in his mind. He made a strong cup of tea and sat by the door waiting to hear the slightest noise from the flat opposite.

He may not have slept, but he had managed to masturbate 5 times, something he hadn't done since he was a teenager, and now he was feeling a bit raw downstairs.

At about 11:30, his wish came true, Ngozi emerged from her flat dressed in her sport wear. She was wearing a pink top, which not only displayed her heaving chest to a sexual provocative degree, but also exposed her flat stomach in all its glory.

She also had on a pair of black leggings, which ended just below her knees, and a pair of pink shoes.

Her hair was tied back and held in place by a pink headband.

He had spent the last few hours going over what he was going to say to her. He was a withdrawn most of the time, but that didn't mean he was a shy and timid man, like Ngozi naively thought him to be, far from it in fact.

The reason he didn't have many friends anymore was because he was so rude and outspoken. He had just never showed this side to his neighbours yet.

His infatuation with Ngozi had been enough to silence him so far, but now that he had some sort of leverage, he was fully planning on exploiting it, what did he have to lose?

Seeing her now though caused his resolve to crumble. Something about her seductive beauty always caused his mind to go blank. He could do nothing more than stare at her, until she was out of sight and the spell she had unknowingly cast over him finally lifted.

"Damn!" He cursed under his breath as she went down the stairs, just as he was about to go out and confront her.

Not wanting to waste any more opportunities he gave it an hour and went and stood in the lobby, pacing up and down until she got back.

Ngozi spent most of her exercise thinking about the incident with Gbenga. How could she have let that happen? And why did she enjoy it so much? Was she ever going to be able to have a normal relationship?  But then who was she to deny her body what it really wanted?

Just because society would frown at her fetishes for men with long and thick dick, that didn't mean she should bow to their pressure. This was her life, so she should lead it as she saw fit.

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What Emeka didn't know wouldn't hurt him...but was that too selfish? Maybe she should break up with him?