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Erotic Story/Smoking Bass Ifeanyi's naughty evening at the office [Pt. 42]

During the event of the orgy night, both Ifeanyi and Tess had other sex partners. They discuss it in the bathroom the next day with a joint.

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”So what?” Tess raised an eyebrow.

“So, did you fuck him?” Ifeanyi asked.

“No, I did not”

“What did you do?” Ifeanyi asked another question as he took a drag on the joint that was in his hand. They were in the female restroom the farthest place from the Director’s office. Opposite ends, only place an employee could come and smoke in peace.

Ifeanyi was never really much of a smoker but today he definitely needed the highness, as did Tess.

“I watched him fuck her and finger fucked myself till I came”.

“You came before him”

“No, a few seconds after he did” Tess reached out and opened up her hand for the joint. He took another drag before passing it.

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“And you enjoyed the experience?” Ifeanyi went on with the questions with his face all up in smoke.

“Yes, I did” Tess was dragging now.

She was leaning against the door while Ifeanyi was half seated on a wash hand basin a few feet away from her. In this way, she towered over him and could afford to very much look down on him as they spoke. The joint was helping mask the real feelings in the air and none of them was ready to peep and see what really lay beneath it.

“Did you enjoy fucking her?” Now Tess was with the joint, it seemed it was the questioner now.

Ifeanyi paused and looked up at her, thinking of how best to answer the question. Should he be straight up and honest about it?

Shit was not meant to be this way.


It had been meant to be a quickie, he and Melissa had been gisting and getting along pretty well but all he had in his head was how to confirm if she really had no panties on or he had heard wrong. After beating around the bush with topics that really made no sense or had any relation to the ongoing party, he had finally summoned up courage.

“Were you serious about what you said?” He shouted above the music. Loud enough for just the two of them. She had smiled at him before leaning forward.

“Why don’t you come with me and find out?” She said by his ear before turning around and walking out of the apartment.

Now Ifeanyi knew what his problem was, it was not the alcohol.

He had definitely heard her right, his one and only problem now was Tess but when he looked around the party, he could not find her.

The party was already entering wild mode already, there was Oyinka in one corner on her knees giving Micheal some sloppy head. Michael had looked up and their eyes had locked, he gave Ifeanyi a thumbs up and turned to continue with the lady who had his dick in her mouth.

There at least three other couples around the apartment already tangled up either fucking or in some intense foreplay already but there was no sign of Tess anywhere.

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Had she left the party? Or she had seen him paying attention and vibing with Melissa. Perhaps she had gotten jealous and left the party. A part of ifeanyi wished this were true, for now. There was no sign of Kunle either but Ifeanyi was less concerned with that as he went out after Melissa.

He got out to the compound and saw her leaning against a black BMW car.

“I was beginning to think you had chickened out. Too scared to check if I forgot panties at home” She said mischievously as he approached.

“Well, I just had to make sure all my guests were doing okay” He smiled at her as she stretched her hands put and wrapped them around his neck before kissing him. Her lips were the softest one he had ever felt and she tasted nice, he could not get enough. He reached out behind and squeezed up her ass, all he could feel was skin.

It was like the dress was not even between his hands and her ass. All he could feel was soft, round ass. His dick gave away several nods at this discovery. And just when he was about to get in the groove with her lips and whole body, she broke the kiss.

“Don’t. Do not play yourself. All I want right now is a good fuck” She whispered with her arms still locked around his neck. Then she took her hands off and turned around. She made Ifeanyi watch in the dark as she slowly pulled the dress up over her ass. She put her finger in mouth and had saliva all over it before lowering down to rub on her pussy.

Then she leaned forward and rested her hands on the bonnet of the car.

“Fuck me” She ordered Ifeanyi.

Tess walked back into the living and it was a mini orgy already going on. People were fucking already with no one seeming to give a fuck about what the other people in the room were up to. There was Oyinka on all fours in the center of it all with Michael behind her fucking and spanking that ass of her. Not far off,there was a lady was taking on two guys at the same time.

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She had a dick fucking her mouth and another ramming between her ass. Tess was enjoying the view and forgot about Ifeanyi for a moment. She then thought of checking up his room. She got there and found out it locked with faint groans and moans coming from within.

She could not make out the voices but there was a rage building up in her. Ifeanyi had taken in another lady to fuck barely an hour after he had just had her pussy. She had closed her eyes and tried to stay calm but she could not. She knew the only thing that could calm her was the half joint she had in her car.

In rage, she had walked out of the apartment and made for her car but as she had turned a corner into the compound, she stopped in her tracks. There were two people out there fucking in a standing doggy position. She could not make out who they were but the motion and moans was more than enough to tell her what was going on.

Her rage had evaporated as she took there and watched the bodies slapping against themselves. It did not take long for her to reach between her legs and rub on the sensation that was calling for attention. She did not know how long it was or what snapped her back to reality. Perhaps it was the voice of the man groaning as he came and the realization that it was Ifeanyi.

Or the fact that they had finished fucking and she had not climaxed. But whatever it was, it did not matter, she just turned around and walked back into the apartment. Kunle was back in the living room, pouring himself a drink by now. Tess had walked up to him and grabbed him by the hand. She led a path to the bathroom.

“Yes, I enjoyed fucking her”. Ifeanyi sighed as he admitted.

Tess nodded as she dragged on the joint again then passed it to him.

They really had nothing more to say so they just sat and smoked in silence.

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