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Erotic Story/Smoking Bass Ifeanyi's naughty evening at the office [Pt. 37]

Ifeanyi and Kunle are putting the last touches on their orgy but then Ifeanyi is thinking about his unlabelled relationship, are things getting official?

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“You really wan fuck people up this weekend” Kunle said as he stood by with a carton filled with vodka bottles and watch Ifeanyi get his door open. A backpack was slung over one shoulder.

“Na weekend na, it is allowed” Ifeanyi grinned at his friend as he got the door open and led the way in.

“Na so sha, where make I drop these ones?” Kunle asked as he let his bag slide to the floor.

“Just put the vodkas for table, those ones no need fridge” Ifeanyi went to the fridge to check up on the bottles of redwine he had gotten just for the occasion.

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”Omo, na to do pass myself this night o. And those girls from Societe, I dey always eye them. Their backside no be from this place at all”.

“So you go prefer them to Amaka?” Ifeanyi asked.

“You know you will get tired if you keeping having the same food over and over again. Sometimes it is good to just change diet. We both know no one comes close to Amaka’s ass. Her own na extraterrestrial.” Kunle illustrated with his hands spread out wide.

“If I dey fuck am ehn, na prayer I dey always pray make I no cross over”

Ifeanyi laughed as he shook his head at his friend’s analysis.

“Na God go sha save you but you know say she fit come here fuck another person this night sha?” Ifeanyi clarified.

“Wetin concern me? It would even be better. Each person to his or her trips” Kunle shrugged.

“Na true sha”

“Come, your bathroom shower dey work. Make I start to freshen up before people start to turn up.”

“Yeah sure. Where you think say I dey plan fuck tomorrow morning?”

“Na Tess you go fuck sha?” Kunle asked just to be sure.

“If she shows up, yes. But if she doesn’t, I be free agent be that. My prayer? That she does not come, make I freestyle small jare.”

“You never know am yet but you don marry. That babe don hook you for neck. Just dey watch” Kunle said as he picked up his bag and made his way to one of the rooms.

Ifeanyi shook his head as he watched his friend walk away.

Maybe Kunle was right, maybe he and Tess were already in a relationship without either of them acknowledging it. But a relationship based on sex, just how plausible was that? Would that kind of relationship really work?

Maybe he was just asking the wrong question, so what was the question? Did he really like Tess as a person that much? He smiled to himself as he thought of the answer.

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Ifeanyi went over to his home theater system and checked for the party music collection he had gotten from a DJ friend. He wiped the CD across his shirt and put it in place. He stood up and looked around his living room.

He had pushed all the couch and sofa to the four corners of the room leaving the center open and wide enough for anyone that wanted to dance and put on a show.

Everything was in place, his friend from Societe had promised to cover small chops from his own end. Then Ifeanyi remembered something and walked as fast as he could to his kitchen. Opening up a cabinet, he found four balls of onions. He sighed in relief, he might as well introduce everyone he knew to the mixture that was Vodka and Onions.

He unbuttoned his shirt and made his way to his room, he had given Kunle control of the spare room to do as he please. It was sure going to be one amazing night, he could feel it.

Tess stood in the mirror and stared at herself. There was not much to look at considering she has a towel wrapped all around her body. She loosened the towel and let it fall to the ground. Her body was perfection, she had to admit to herself.

She had shaved her pussy as bald as could be, she needed to be eaten properly tonight and she was offering on a silver platter. She had picked out the shortest tight fitting dress she could find in her closet. She looked at the dress which she had laid out on the bed and wondered what she was doing.

She knew she was not going to let anyone but Ifeanyi touch her tonight. She could not say why exactly.

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Not that she did not want another dick, hand or tongue in her but she just could not bring herself to let Ifeanyi roam free and fuck someone else right in front of her. She knew she could not bear it. What was all these emotions cropping up?

It was not part of the plan, it was just meant to be good sex and nothing more. She rubbed her forehead as she kept staring at the dress. Then she grabbed the dress, if she wanted Ifeanyi to herself then she had better not be late to the party.

Thirty minutes later, she was stepping out of her house and slamming the doors behind her.