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Erotic Story/Smoking Bass Ifeanyi's naughty evening at the office [Pt. 29]

The director is back into the room in one of the sexiest lingerie ever. Everyone in the living room wants a piece of her but first the birthday boy.

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Ifeanyi smiled as he took another sip of the vodka.

This time he did not rush to eat an onion but took a few seconds to stare at the director like everyone else was. He knew the night was going to come to this but he just was not expecting it to be so soon or even Dara making such as open move considering the fact that some in the office saw Michael as her nephew.

Was he really her nephew? Was he even related to her? Ifeanyi thought to himself as he picked up a slice of onions and chewed. He was beginning to actually love the combination. Or was it the fact that he noticed Dara’s nipples were all erect beneath her flimsy excuse for a nightie? He did not know but frankly he did not care. He was loving the feeling.

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“Err-r-m, what would you love to drink, ma?” Kunle found his voice even those his eyes did not leave the director’s cleavage. He did not even bother pretending about where his attention was. Well no one could blame him, everyone including the ladies were at different levels of arousal just staring at their boss.

Tess was fighting a battle on some many different levels, there was a part of her that just wanted to stand up and go take one of the Director’s nipples in her mouth. There was another part of her that just wanted Ifeanyi to fuck her like a whore right there in front of everybody. She closed her eyes and said a short prayer to help calm herself, then opened her eyes to continue drinking her Bourbon.

“Bring me some red wine” The director said to Kunle as she walked to the sofa closest to the bar and sat down crossing her thighs over as she sat. Her nightie which was barely covered her ass anyway was hiked up revealing her firm smooth looking thighs.

Kene was the one in trouble now because even though Oyinda was right next to him, he wanted to fuck the director more than anything else. At least that was the message his dick was sending to his brain at the moment. He did not know when he stretched a hand out to Ifeanyi who understood how he was feeling and hurriedly poured him a drink.

He accepted the drink and downed the contents in a rush sending a burning sensation through his body. He dropped the cup to see Ifeanyi stretching out two slices of Onions. He accepted them and threw them in his mouth.

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As he chewed them, the burning feeling in his body rose up a notch. He did not know when he started shaking his head.

“So Mr Kunle, what would you like to drink? Let me be the one to serve you now. And as you can see, no beers. Those are for kids” The director said as Kunle added her a cup of red wine.

“Ha, don’t worry ma. I will serve myself. No trouble at all” Kunle quickly said.

“You don dey fear” Amaka laughed but stopped when she saw the look Kunle gave her. There was murder in his eyes.

“We just got here, I am sure Kunle would likely leave your bar empty by the time we leave” Ifeanyi quickly moved to douse the tension that rose.

“Well I would love to see that” Dara nodded at Ifeanyi as she sipped her drink. Kunle sighed and went to get himself a drink. He picked up the bottle of bourbon he had poured out for Tess and looked at at contemplating if it was the safe choice.

He stole a quick look at Tess who winked at him then decided to stick with what he could manage. He poured himself a cup of red wine and went to have a seat.

“Ahan, Oga you no go serve the rest of us?” Amaka cried out.

“You no get leg abi you no know where the bar dey. Go help yourself”. Kunle replied her in an irritated tone. Amaka hissed and got up, heading to the bar.

“Well, Mr Birthday boy. What do you have for us?” The director turned to Michael.

“Help us ask him o” Kene cheered. It looked like the vodka and onions was getting to him considering the fact that Ifeanyi had just served him another round.

“Errrrm, to be honest. I have got nothing in mind” Michael said.

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“Oh really?” The director asked him as Amaka walked back to sit by his side with a bottle of gin and cup in hand.

“How about I lighten up your birthday night for you?” The director asked him.

“I really don’t know what to say to that, ma” Michael said.

“Don’t mind him, ma. Do what you must. We are solidly behind you gidigba” Kene again.

Ifeanyi poured him another cup and smiled.

“We would go with whatever you suggest, ma” Tess added her voice.

“Confirm” Oyinda was in line.

“Well, assuming the rest of you are in agreement. Here is what I propose. How about the birthday boy put on a show for us?” the director said.

“A show?” Kunle was the puzzled one.

“Yes, a show But before we get to that. Which of you ladies is going to bless him with a proper birthday gift?” The director asked.

“And not you, Miss Amaka” She quickly added as she noticed Amaka was about to speak up. Oyinda and Tess looked at each other but did not say a word.

“Come on, ladies. Don’t be shy” The director urged. Michael tensed up in his seat as he stared at everyone.

Everyone else was looking as confused as he was. They knew what the director was saying but they wanted to be sure.

“Well I guess, I am going to have to get you the perfect gift” The director said as she put her drink down and stood up. She walked to where Michael was seated.

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And knelt before him.