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Erotic Story/Smoking Bass Ifeanyi's naughty evening at the office [Pt. 26]

After a day at work, the usual clique in the office decide to hit a local pub around to relax with light food and drinks, they're greeted by a familiar guest.

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It was closing hour soon enough and Kunle adjusted his tie while stretching out. He could not wait to be seated at the bar with a cold beer in his hands. This were the kind of nights he lived for.

“This one wey you dey stretch so, time don reach ni” Kene asked him.

“Omo, yes o, na warm up I dey do down” This time Kunle stood up to full stretch his legs and hands.

“Oshe brewery” Kene raised his hands up in false salutation.

“Who are you calling brewery? Kunle wey go drink two bottles now and tell you he is going home” Oyinda chipped in with a frown.

“Who?” Kunle asked.

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“You! You sabi drink?” Oyinda eyed him.

“If you turn alcohol, I go drink you”

“Now that was very sexual” Tess smiled.

“Na there, dem go see you. Your head is filled with sex,sex,sex. Ahan!” Oyinda shifted her attention to her.

“What? I was just saying” Tess laughed.

“Back to the matter at hand, Oga Michael. Time don reach” Kunle was packing up his things.

“He knows, he knows” Amaka joined in as she was also packing up.

Ifeanyi looked at all of them and wondered how exactly the night was going to end. A part of him told him he knew the answer to that. Yes but did his colleagues know? Or everyone was just prepped up to go with the flow? Well, he might as well just go with the flow too.

He started clearing up his desk as he noticed Michael standing up. He sure could do with some alcohol in his system. He stole a quick glance at Tess and wondered where they would end up tonight. That’s even if they did end up together at the end of the night.

“I hope you people won’t call me tomorrow morning and say you can’t come to work because of hangover?”, Michael asked as they all walked to the door.

“Oga Michael, don’t worry. We are not children, we can take pretty good care of ourselves.” Kunle answered.

“Yes, the rest of us can take care of ourselves. It is Kunle you should be worried about” Oyinda attacked him again and everyone laughed except Kunle of course. He just frowned and did not say anything further.

“Abi we should call the Director and let her join us?” Kene whispered as they walked through the hallway.

“No, do not worry about that. She won’t join us” Michael quickly advised and the thought was dropped.

Ifeanyi thought about it but decided not to press. He could not understand why Dara would not be inclined to join them though. Thought for another day. They walked in a group, bants flowing back and forth with Kunle getting the most of it.

And a few minutes later, they were at the bar. The place had been initially constructed out as a residential bungalow but the owner who was not around during the construction had come back to Nigeria broke after a few years out in the UK and decided to turn place into a bar.

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It was not bad business considering there were several companies and industries in the surrounding.

He also made extra cash by renting out the five bedrooms on a short time basis for those who wanted to have a quick fuck or just wanted to take a nap from the daily stress. The former director was a regular user of the rooms, it was where he brought the young university girls he seemed to have a fetish for.

They got in and it was Kunle who quickly found a spot at the far corner. The bar was still empty at this hour considering they were one of the first to close and show up. Soon it was bound to be filled up with workers from other companies and offices who had closed for the day.

“Omo menn, I am tired” Kunle started as they sat down and waited for the bar attendant to come take their orders.

“You never even open one bottle, you don tire. If Oyinda attack you now again ehn” Kene laughed.

“Just leave him and watch” Amaka laughed as she took up a seat right next to Michael as expected.

Did Dara know Amaka was playing up numbers on Michael? Ifeanyi asked himself. Well, maybe she knew but did not mind sharing a dick. By the way, what was his own business sef.

Tess was taking up a seat right next to him and there was Oyinda right next to Kene on the other side of the table. There was an empty chair and there was Kunle. Ifeanyi felt bad for his friend but then again remembered he had just serviced Dara earlier today so it was still a win for him.

Besides there were the empty chairs considering the table and chairs were arranged to take ten people. The attendant came around and they got to ordering.

“Give me one big stout, please” Ifeanyi started.

“Same thing for me, chairman” Kene

“Please give me one smirnoff ice” Tess said.

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“Smirnoff ice? Abeg abeg, don’t come and start embarrassing us here o. which one be smirnoff ice” Kunle started off waving his hands at her.

“What? Is it a must I drink what you are drinking?” Tess kept a straight face.

“Abi o, leave her. Let her order what she wants. Please give me too one big stout” Amaka placed her order and Ifeanyi could see a look of disgust flash across Michael’s face but he said nothing.

Oyinda ordered for a smirnoff ice and Michael himself went for a bottle of star then Kunle..

“Alaye abeg give me one dubic”.

“What the fuck is dubic? I thought you were just mocking my choice of drink now” Tess shouted at him.

“I wonder o”. Kene supported her.

“Una never go Ibadan before, if to say una don go do weekend for IB, You for know what dubic is. Confirm number one drink. Oga, help bring one dubic jare” Kunle waved the smiling attendant away.

Micheal called the Attendant back.

“Please, can I get three bowls of Nkwobi for the ladies?” He asked.

“Okay sir” the attendant nodded and walked away.

“Omo, we sef for order correct pomo alata o to go with the drinks” Kunle said.

“Feel free to order it na” Michael encouraged him.

“Ehen” Kunle’s widened as he quickly turned around to call the attendant again but what he saw made him leave his hand suspended in the air. They all froze because walking right towards them was the director. They all fell silent as she got closer to them.

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“Is there something going on that I should know about?”…..