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Erotic Story/ Grace, The House Girl Grace, Tope tag-team the thrift collector's son

Back to her madam's place, She is sent to deliver thrift money to the collector where she finds her friend Tope who is a sex freak like her.

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"Count am" Grace’s madam ordered

Grace counted the wad of one thousand naira notes her madam handed

"Ten thousand, ma" Grace said after counting

"Hold am well" Her madam screamed

"If you give am, stand there till she write my name, you hear?” Her madam barked at her

"Yes ma" Grace replied

She tied the money in her wrapper before going out, she headed to the house of the woman that is in charge of collecting money for the thrift Grace’s madam is participating. Grace and her friends have considered a thrift of their own where they contribute hundred naira every week.

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The house was far and the harmattan was making her shiver slightly in her light cardigan, at least it's not sunny and dusty like it always is in the afternoon.

She walked past a shop with blaring noise and a couple of children dancing. Maybe one day she would be able to sneak out to one of the parties her friends talk about. After walking a while, she finally reached the compound, it had a zinc fence with a small zinc door. The door creaked as she pushed it open

"Kpank kpank here" She called out

" Any body dey house?" She called out again

She heard movement from one of the rooms before it opened and a guy stepped out

"Good evening, abeg ur mama dey" She asked him

He was quiet for a while before he looked at her

"My madam send me come give her money" She added

"She nova come back from shop" He said

"Make I call her" He added

He brought out a small torch light phone and made  call

"The number no dey go" He said on the third try

"You fit come wait for her" He said

She thought about waiting outside but the weather just keeps getting colder, and trekking back home will just be annoying, she followed him inside and her eyes fell on somebody else

"Gracie wetin you come find here" Tope asked grace

"My madam send me" She replied.

She sat close to Tope who filled her in on all the gossip she missed and whispered to her that the boy was one of her boyfriends she came to see when she was horny, she referenced his dick using her arm and they both giggled

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"You wan see am" Tope asked suddenly

Before Grace could answer Tope crawled to him on the bed and kissed him, his eyes flew to Grace who blinked rapidly.

He relaxed into the kiss as Tope hands travelled down to stroke his crotch. She deepen the kiss stroking and grabbing his hard dick through his trouser. Unzipping his trouser with expert hand his dick sprang out, she turned and smiled at grace; it was indeed long. With another smile tope turned around and covered his dick with her mouth sending a tingle down grace pant.

Grace swallowed hard as she watched the guy’s whole length disappear into tope's mouth, the guy was making a face,  Grace concentrated on what Tope was doing, her head would bop up before coming down to take his whole dick in, she grabbed the base of his shaft and stroked in rhythm with the up and down movement of her mouth, she sucked on the head her of the dick like it was a sweet lollipop forcing a moan from the guy, her up and down movement got faster and faster till he cried out making a face she recognized so well.

Tope swallowed his load before licking him clean, she crawled back to Grace and quickly lifted her wrapper, her fingers dived in shifting her pant and slipping into her pussy, she smirked feeling Grace get wetter as she swirled her fingers around, she signalled to the guy and he edged closer to the girls, she made him lay down before gesturing to Grace.

With one swift swing of her leg she straddled him, she held his dick upright before gently sitting on it, her pussy took in his length inch by inch till he was all in his long dick touching the right spot, she placed her hands on his chest and started to move moaning as his dick kept hitting the spot with her every movement, soon she picked up pace bouncing faster on his dick.

Tope was watching them intently her fingers pumping in and out of her pussy, the sensation Grace felt moving and watching tope was electrifying, her movement became erratic and her mumbling incoherent as she bounced faster and faster her eyes clamped shut tightly, she cried out as her orgasm shook her hard, she rocked back and forth slightly enjoying her orgasm.

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When it slowed down, she climbed off of him and immediately Tope straddled him rotating and grinding before she started to bounce her boobs bouncing as she did. Grace heard the door creak and she adjusted her wrapper before going out making sure to open the door slightly so the woman doesn't see what is going on inside.