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Erotic Story/ Grace, The House Girl Grace goes back to the village [Part 2]

She is getting back together with Obinna again, she definitely miss his rough touch, something the Abuja guys have never been able to give her.

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Their special place still looked almost the same from the last time she was there, their special place is a rubble that used to be someone’s compound.

It was very quiet and secluded with an array of trees and overgrown bushes that creates perfect cover, now as she looked around under the light of the full moonlight she realises she never used to think of all the dangers that could be lurking underneath those bushes, all she cared about then was being fucked hard on the mat they kept there.

She wondered as they laid down on the mat about the girls he has brought here after she left for Abuja, if they were clumsy and inexperienced as she used to be, as if to make her point she covered the little space between them and kissed him.

He took over the kissing her hard and viciously, his hands found its way under her skirt riding up till it poked her pussy, he shifted her pant and pushed his finger in , he pushed in another finger in moving in and out with so much speed and intensity, he took out his hand and straddled her.

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He grabbed her boobs and squeezed till she winced from pain, she doesn’t remember him being this rough but she likes this side of him, he made her sit up and pull off her shirt, he covered her boobs biting her nipples gently, he put his hands on the band of her pant and pulled it off with her skirt, he spread her legs apart.

She gasped out as he pushed them too far, he positioned his hard dick and slammed hard into her pussy forcing a gasp to escape her mouth, he grunted as he slammed his dick into her fast and hard making her back move against the mat on the floor, it made  her back arch but the intensity of the pleasure she was feeling washed over the pain, he squeezed her boobs hard as he thrust in and out fast.

She ran her hand into her hair in a mixture of pain and pleasure, she felt the familiar build up as it climbed higher and higher she hear herself screaming his name as he moved even faster and deeper, her orgasm ripped through her as her pussy flooded with cum.

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He quickened his pace grunting loudly he pushed in deeper and pulled out pouring cum all over her, with their breathing still heavy and jagged he pulled her up and made her get on all fours, without wasting any time he plunged his dick deep inside her.

She moaned out loudly, and he continued to move fast, he grabs her boobs and pulled as he moved, she bite her lips as his dick hit her pussy wall, he grabs her ass and plunged in deeper and faster , she blinked tears as her knees scratched against the mat, he moved pushing deeper with every move.

She cried out as another orgasm ripped through her, he pushed in harder and harder till she came again her body shaking violently as she did, he pulled out and poured warm cum on her ass, they laid down breathing heavily her body still tingly from her orgasm, he stood up and helped her stand up.

She winced in pain as she got up and dressed up, her knees were definitely scalded, he walked her till she was close to her house, he pulled her to him and kissed her deeply

“I go miss your thing when you go back” He said

She smiled to herself knowing she would miss his dick too. It was rough but what she needed away from the Abuja boys. She snuck into the house and went to take her bath.

She could feel her inner thighs ache, definitely a sore down there but it was terrific.

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