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Erotic Story/Marvis Dairies Getting down on the taxi man

She just found a text on her boyfriend's phone of a lady 'thanking him for a job well done'. Two can play that game! She went for the closest guy around

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'Alan could you please come here for a second?'

He came, laying his head on my thighs, he looked up to my face and asked with a smile

'I'm here babe, what’s up?' showing him a chat on his phone I asked

'Who is she?' He asked whom I was referring to and I showed him a chat of him talking about how great the sex they had the day before was and how they both enjoyed every bit of it, with the girl describing each move he made and the ones that turned her on the most.

She was like

'That deep penetration thing you were doing, you would go deep slowly and then hit it fast half way. It's so sweet that you were making me see stars.' Alan replied her and said

'I know right? I loved the way you were biting me in ecstasy, the only ish is that you were in pain.' She complimented how big his dick was and they continued ranting about their philandering.

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He looked at the chat looked at me and asked

'Are you going through my messages?' I was like

'Really? Is that even important now? I have proof that whilst you turned down being with me yesterday, you were busy shagging someone else and here you are ranting about going through your phone'

He looked at me again and said

'Yes we did shag but it wasn't yesterday' I went mad


'I thought you would own up to your wrong doings and apologize but I thought wrong'

With that I picked my stuff and stormed out of his apartment. While seated in a cab on my way home a lot of stuff were running through my head. I just got out of a bad relationship not too long ago before Alan came into the picture and then this. He wasn't even cheating with some responsible girl to at least make the fight worthwhile rather he chose to cheat on me with a low life tart who whores herself amongst cycle of friends.

I was torn and broken, it was just as if that all the blood in my veins rushed to my head and I let out an uncontrollable scream of pain as hot tears streamed down my face. The cab driver drove the car to an unprepared halt and asked me almost immediately, if I was fine but the tears wouldn't let me talk, he asked if I lost anyone I shook my head, he asked again 'Man problems?'

I just looked away, he got the cue and didn't say anything else.

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He started the engine and hit the road, Seyi Shay's air brush was blasting in my ears that I didn't even notice he wasn't​ driving to my destination. He pulled up in front of a bar and asked me to get down. I looked at him in a searching manner, he understood my worries and told me he brought me here to burn off steam and forgot my worries instead of going back home to sulk, I tried to talk but he was rather fast

'Don't worry, the bill is on me' With that he got down and let me out.

It was around 6pm when we got to the pub, I lost track of time inside with drinks in my system. I was trying so hard to act normal though I was pretty high. He noticed this and opt to take me home, I told him home isn't where I want to go at that moment, he asked for a close friend’s number that he could call to come pick me up but I told him I had none which was a lie by the way.

Alan has been calling endlessly and the only way to get rid of this pain is to have hot sex with someone else and flaunt it to Alan. That's just what I want to do. I told him to leave if he wants to that I'd be fine but he wouldn't bulge he rather chose to babysit me.

After so many let me take you home, I agreed and stood up and helped me to the car, we got to my place and he helped me in and placed me on the couch. Once my back touched the sofa I slept off, I woke up by 6 am in the morning to a heavy hang over and a cute dude on my sitting room rug.

I looked at myself and confirmed that my clothes were intact. I still have revenge in mind, so I managed to walk to the kitchen and took a cup of water, whilst drinking a plan came to my mind, I picked up my phone and called Alan back, he asked where I was and I told him, he just murmured he was on his way and I dropped the call. I rushed to my room undressed and came back with my robe on nothing else underneath.

I walked back to the cute driver who has the morning boner and started rubbing his bulge. It took him a while to wake up but it didn't stop me from doing what I was doing, he asked what I was doing but I continued increasing the intensity a little bit, he was stuttering in the bid to tell me to stop but the pleasure wouldn't let him talk. I looked at him sternly, smiled afterwards and said

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'Look my boyfriend messed up and this (casting my hands on his dick a look) is a way of revenge. He is on his way here, I plan for him to catch us red handed so he can feel the pain I felt. It's cool if you want to back off.' he just smiled and said 'go on but I'm not shagging you.' I smiled brought out his dick, untied my robe leaving me naked though covered by the robe and started sucking him.

I gave him the blow job of his life, there is no mouth trick I didn't do to him. Anytime I bit his dick, he whimpers, I was still on him when Alan barged in us and that excitement made him spill his juice all over my bare boobs. Alan looked at me painstakingly whilst I licked the cum off my boobs with my fingers, daring him to talk. He looked at the both of us and spoke

'Dude, gerraout! Babe you've had your revenge and now we are even, can you go back to being mine? Because as it stands now, my dick can't wait to bang you.