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Erotic Story/Mae Wilde Dangerous Addiction [Episode 37]

The kids have informed their parents of their transgression, the hidden marriage and the pregnancy but something terrible has just happened.

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“No! you absolutely will NOT!”

My father stood up bellowing, omo since we had decided to let our parents in on what was going on it hadn’t been easy. It had taken a week and a half to get Derah’s mum in tune with the idea and so far, his dad was still not on board.

Ogo and Derah were still working on Derah’s mum and I sat before my parents telling them that I was four months pregnant, married to the father in a secret registry ceremony and planning to do a proper wedding.

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My dad was not accepting of this, what didn’t I hear? FOOLISH CHILD! WAYWARD! DISAPPOINTMENT! Sigh, it was better to go through all that having Ifueko by my side. Derah had officially moved back to Lagos and his dad was not pleased about that either even though there was someone capable at the helms of affairs in Ghana, Derah’s dad applauded his son for doing the noble thing but wanted him to be in Ghana, why didn’t he just move his new family there?

Why did this woman come and change everything? When he had had the guts to say it to my face including how I wanted Derah for his money and prestige I was sure to tell him that I would have married and be trying to remarry Ogo then if that were the case and that shut him up at least for that period of time. I swiveled back from my many thoughts when I heard my phone ring on my lap.

One of Ogo’s drivers was taking Ifueko and I shopping to buy my dress with all of Derah and Ogo’s ATM cards, I decided to buy my wedding dress with my own money which I actually had even though many people chose to forget it. I knew Ogo would be mad if he found out but I had ordered my dress the minute Derah had asked me to marry him and it hadn’t come on time, now they were making alterations and sending it to me soonest.

“Hello” I said into the phone, frowning that my brother-in-law was calling me so randomly, he sounded breathless, were these randy children having marathon sex again and he was calling to gloat? I rolled my eyes then

“Yes uncle, oga sir, how far?” I said a slight smile tugging at my lips at the thought of him pounding into my sis from behind the way she liked.

“Ifeyinwa has been in an accident Ifechi!” He said more frantic than I have ever heard him

“We think her car has been tampered with!” My heart skipped and began to pound heavily in my chest. I held on to the door handle as my body shook with fear I didn’t know where it was coming from. Ifueko turned to me and held my shaking arm.

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“Turn back” I said slowly to the driver as I got off the phone, Ifueko turned to me with a frown the driver looked at me as if I were crazy. We had already reached Ikoyi and my parent’s house was at GRA Ikeja.

“What is going on?” Ifueko said her grip on my arm tighter

“Ifeyinwa was in an accident” I said still shaking, she seemed to understand immediately because she didn’t say another word, she pulled me into her arms as tears flowed while the driver swerved in the middle of the road back to where we came from.

We came back to the house in total disarray, my mum wailing as though my sister had passed on and my dad sternly telling her to calm down. The news I had given them forgotten as my mum put things together to go and be with her daughter – her crown jewel.

My mum always said she didn’t have favourites amongst us but my brother and I never believe her. ifeyinwa was clearly my mum’s favourite and for good reason especially since it was just her for 6 years before I was born. Ikedichi and I had given my parents nothing but stress since we were born, Ifeyinwa had been the top student, senior prefect, first class graduate, lawyer and now mother of amazing kids and good plus freaky wife.

She was the perfect child and to be honest the perfect sister which was why my heart ached as I watched my mum threaten to fall apart. She wanted to involve the police but Ogo said no that it would be handled, how he refused to say but he said he and Derah were working on it and I was just supposed to be ok with that, they were both coming to pick me and Ifueko up from the hospital and they were coming with little Michael as well.

Ogo and Derah came a few hours later and heralded me and Ifueko away while my parents were driven to the airport by Ogo’s other driver that had been driving me and Ifueko around. I was silent the whole way back to Ogo’s, in fact everyone was not knowing what to say to me. For the first time, Ogo didn’t growl or frown as he spoke to me, the calmness was sweet and annoying too it made me want to cry.

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Derah sat with me at the back and held me in his arms rubbing my arm while I spoke to my brother about Ifeyinwa. Derah’s touch was soothing but it made me so fucking horny as well and in the midst of everything I wanted us to get home real soon so that he could fuck my fear away. Ogo drove home like a mad man where I knew he felt most secure, he had crossed checked his security and doubled it. once we were the car had stopped, Derah scooped me up in his arms to carry me in the lift that took us straight to the apartment building.

I clung to Derah as though my life depended on it and maybe it did, I am not the most emotional person but since letting Ogo and Derah into my life it has been an absolute whirlwind and it just kept bringing tears to my eyes. Derah bent down to kiss the tears off my face as they rolled down, to them I was crying because my sister lay passed out in a hospital but I was hormonal and freaking horny to boot! Jesu!