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Erotic Story/Marvis Dairies Amara's adventure at the stripclub [Part 6]

After running away, dispossessing Amara of everything. Jidenna is back, but he has no idea what his life is about to go through in the next couple of months.

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Jidenna though he swindled Amara still has a soft for her, when he met Amara he had the intentions of getting her for keeps but when Amara pulled the stunt of use and dump on him, he decided to get back at her and make her pay for her arrogance.

Initially, he had it in mind to get her laid and blackmail her with the pictures but he decided against it as to him that was not punishment enough for an arrogant lady like her.

Stripping her off of everything that makes her thick for a short duration is the best way to teach her a lesson and make her change her way towards men he thought but without thinking of the negative notion about men that single act of his will do to her.

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She has had a lot of scares as a result of her dealings with men and this plan of Jidenna’s isn’t just the right one even though he has plans to return her assets to her after three years. Jidenna’s actions didn’t go well with Amara at all, she was hurt, broke and helpless for she thought Jidenna is the one that she has been waiting for but her prince turned into a frog just when she started to relax.

It’s been three years since Amara got swindled by Jidenna, she has had enough and she will get back at Jidenna at all cost, as she didn’t come this far to be robbed off of all her assets but the issue is how to let all that venom she has locked up in her out as no smart plan seem to be coming to her brain.

She was still locked in her thoughts when a call came to her phone and just as if the heavens heard her prayer it was Jidenna calling and he had asked to meet her for dinner, she declined at first but when he reminded her that she has her stuff with him, she made a go for it. At dinner, he didn’t talk about the way he swindled her.

Rather, he acted like everything was okay between them and she kept on firing him dead shots with her eyes and if indeed looks could kill, Jidenna would have died a thousand times.

They were done and he took her home after and he promised to pick her up the next day same time

‘What is he playing at? Anyway it’s time to play his game’ She thought and concurred with Jidenna and when he came by the next evening she was ready and waiting. Soon she started loosening up towards him and he got more relaxed if only he knew that it’s just a charade.

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It wasn’t long and they became a couple again, seeing that he has gotten her, he decided to fill her in and give her back all her assets but then Amara had her own plans.

So while they had sex one particular night Amara took naked pictures of him and video after then she sent them to ladies at his office personally with love notes. At the end of his presentation, she put a video of her jerking his dick.

Jidenna woke up the next morning in high spirits to go score his presentation and come back to fill his woman in and give her back everything only for him to get to work and get disgraced.  He got relieved of his duties at his company and lost the contract as well, as well as being sued for sexual harassment from half a dozen women in the office.

When he got home dejected, Amara was waiting in the sitting room with same pictures and a gun asking him to give back all he took or have his nudes go public and die as well. As they would hit the PM news headline the next day.

With nothing else to lose, he filled Amara in, gave her back her original documents and asked her out of his house not after admitting that hell knows no fury just like she told him earlier before he filled her in.

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