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Erotic Story/ Grace, The House Girl Ada lures Grace into her boyfriend's house [Part 2]

Ada is being the bad influence, she is being introduced to a vibrator for the first time. She is discovering things that she never experienced before.

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Lying on the bed naked as Ada looked through her bag for something, Grace thought about what just happened, she had received head before but it was her first time giving head and it felt strange, the taste felt different from when she sucked dick.

The taste lingered and she wanted to try it again which just made her more curious as to what Ada wanted to show her

"Found it" Ada finally announced looking pleased

She lifted what she found and it was a pink plastic short stick

"Do you know what this is" She asked handing it to Grace, she nodded and she laid over Grace, her weight on her elbow

"It's called vibrator " She said smiling as grace tried to pronounce it

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"My roommate got it for me when I was in university" she said taking it from Grace. She kissed Grace’s neck and slowly kissed down till she was kissing the top of her boobs, she turned it on and place it on Grace’s nipples making her gasp out looking surprise

"Just relax and enjoy it" She said softly

She placed it on Grace’s nipples again and watch as grace breathed heavily, the buzzing shocked her but also felt really good,she closed her eyes and enjoyed the buzzing on her boobs.

Ada grabbed her free boob and gave it a nice squeeze while she kept the vibrator on the other boob, she looked pleased with herself as she watched Grace moan and gyrate under her, she edged lower and kissed down Grace’s belly, she stopped and sucked on her navel, she bought the vibrator and laid it on Grace's navel

"Ahhhh" Grace moaned opening her eyes

Ada straddled her and brought the vibrator down to her pussy, the buzzing had Grace grabbing the sheets and mumbling incoherently, Ada started to buck against her hand in Grace's pussy,the buzzing and Ada's moving against her felt too good to be real.

Her soft skin brushing against hers felt good too, her hands moved on her their own accord as she grabbed Ada's ass and pushed herself up to meet ada's movement, the vibrator stopped and Ada said something about batteries, she threw it on the other side of the bed and pulled one of grace leg up slightly.

She moved her knee under Grace’s other leg till her clean shaven pussy was brushing against Grace’s bushy pussy, she started to move her hand on Grace’s boobs, Grace grabbed her ass again and started to move with her

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"Oh yes fuck me baby" Ada moaned

The sound of Ada moaning made Grace move faster under her, their bodies were sweaty now and they glided against each other

"Fuccck I’m cummmming" Ada moaned her mouth opened

She moved faster and harder grinding her hips against grace, she let out a 'Argggggh' and Grace felt something warm trickle down to her pussy, watching Ada and feeling her warm cum running down between her pussy lips pushed her to the edge, she dug into Ada's ass and pressed her into her rubbing their wet pussy together.

Another orgasm rocked through her and she quaked under Ada holding unto her tightly. Ada climbed off her and laid beside her

"So, how was that?" Ada asked

Grace looked away and laugh shyly

"e good" she managed to say

"You smoke?" Ada asked

"Ciga?? No oo " Grace answered making Ada laugh

She walked over to her bag and brought out a pack of cigarettes and brought matches from behind the curtain, she lit it and took a long drag, Grace has seen people smoking before but watching Ada smoke looked different in a beautiful way, she almost asked to join her

"it's funny my boyfriend doesn't even know I smoke " Ada said puffing out a smoke

She looked straight at Grace

"I know you fucked him" she said making grace heart skip a beat

"Eer... We....  I... er " Grace stammered

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