Wearing a condom is one of those things we just automatically think we know how to do. But there is a chance that you dont know how to put it on properly.

Rubbers are vital for guarding you not just from unwanted pregnancies, but also from STIs. And it's not as simple as ripping open a condom packet and just rolling it down on a penis. There are certain things you need to look out for, and rules you need to follow otherwise you won't be properly protected. For ways to wear your condom properly, read tips below.

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1. Check before using

Check the expiry date and make sure there are no rips or holes in the packet. Also, make sure the condoms have the CE mark on the pack.

2. Be gentle when opening

Before you go in there and rip the packet apart, feel for the rib of the condom inside. Pushing it to the side will ensure you don’t tear the condom when you tear the wrapper.

3. Run it down the proper way

Unroll the condom a teeny bit to make sure it's the right way around. Check which way to roll it down before it touches the penis otherwise fluid may have come into contact with it.

4. Pinch the tip

It's super important you pinch the condom's tip between your thumb and forefinger to get rid of any air.

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5. Putting it on

Use your other hand to roll the condom down the penis all the way to the base.