Trying out sex in this position is typically known as very powerful and intimate. It can also be extremely erotic and hot as hell.

So if you’re looking to feel the ultimate pleasure, here’s how to make spooning sex feel so much better.

1. Foreplay comes first

Foreplay does have its wonders. Once both parties are all stimulated and ready to go, it’ll help make hitting that g-spot even sweeter.

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2. Try getting warmed up in other nice positions

So if you want to really make the most out of spooning sex, use it as an end position. Get your usual sex positions done before settling into this one. It’ll help get you both right on the edge of climaxing.

3. Kissing opened areas

Put your lips to work and make sure those areas get some attention. Kissing the back of your woman’s neck or her ears can really push her over the edge.

4. Make use of your hands

Use your hands for the love of all that is good in the world. Both people have so much they can do with their hands in this position to make it even better. The man can grab the woman's boobs and all over her body. And ladies, reach behind you, pull him in closer, grab his hair from behind you and make him kiss your neck.

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5. Grab at what should be grabbed

Grab the clit! And literally any other part of her body you want to have your hands on. Come on, grab away! The feeling of being grabbed and taken ownership of can be greatly sensual and sexy.