The wheelbarrow sex position is a standing sex position that’s excellent for those who love to work out.

While the receiving partner has to carry her full weight on her arms and hands, her partner must support her weight. This position requires muscular strength and endurance.

So if you want to try this position now, here are some tips on how to do it right.

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1. What the giving partner does

Some people really like coming in from behind, and this one doesn’t fail. Not only will you get see your partner’s full body, but you will see it in action, muscles engaged, as she works to maintain this physically challenging stance. Plus, if you like rear entry positions because you love the butt, the wheelbarrow lets you get up close and personal with that particular piece of anatomy. To get into this position, the giving partner remains standing upright. Standing against a wall can help provide support and stability.

2. What the receiving partner does

The receiving partner has to get onto hands and knees and allow her partner to lift her legs up and around his waist. At this point, the giving partner can then direct his partner’s hips into position, and hold onto her to help raise her and control his thrusting. She can then wrap her legs around her partner for additional help. Although much of the physical challenge rests with the receiving partner in this sex position, the giving partner will have to do the thrusting and control the depth of penetration. As a rear-entry position, the wheelbarrow position is also a good way to target the G-spot.

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3. More tips

You won’t be able to hold the wheelbarrow position for long! The key to having a good time at this is choosing how you would like to include it in your sex game. If you like to make it the grand finale of the evening, ensure that you’re both very aroused before getting into it. This position can also be great near the beginning of sex play to help get you and your partner’s blood pumping.