You can lick body parts, other people’s tongues, but you have to know the best spot to use your tongue when hooking up with your partner.

There are actual places that your partner will like to be licked because they are ultra sensitive. You might be a little hesitant to try these things but as soon as you actually do it and your partner realize how fun it is, you’ll have a brand new form of foreplay/sex.

Below are things you should do with your tongue while having sex.

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1. Go for the ear

Since licking someone's ear can either be hot or give them awful flashbacks of the past. Just ease your way up there and see if they are into it, or you can always just ask them.

2. Use your tongue on their fingers

Some people go crazy when having their fingers licked. It's not a super sensitive area, but it's an easy thing to try out when you're getting it on. Just try to make sure their fingers are clean, though. You don't want to get sick after sex, it's just not fun.

3. Lick Your lips

Try licking your lips or your own finger to get your partner turned on. It might work, depending on what they're into!

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4. Makeout with tongue

Making out with tongue mostly never fails. Lots of people are into it, and it's a fun way to switch it up when you're having sex.