There are a lot of weird things that only happen to guys after sex, and, once you learn about them, they might help explain why you feel a certain way after sex, too.

So, check out these weird things that happen to most guys after sex below.

1. They fall asleep

You probably feel a little sleepy, too. But guys get extra sleepy because ejaculation releases a bunch of chemicals, including the hormone prolactin, which can induce sleepiness. So, if a guy falls asleep right after sex, don't worry about it because it's just science.

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2. They can become emotionally detached

Still, there has been some research done on attachment after sex and, statistically, guys are more likely to not feel particularly attached after a hookup. This is because oxytocin a chemical that induces feelings of love gets released into the body after sex, but girls get more of it than guys do. So, on the whole, girls tend to feel a little more attached after sex than guys do.

3. They might have difficulty peeing or pee right away

This is most likely because the blood flow to the penis constricts the blood vessels in it, which can make it more difficult to urinate, especially if they haven't fully lost their erection yet. Some guys might pee right away, however, since the combination of oxytocin and prolactin that gets released after ejaculation may stimulate the kidney, which regulates water.

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4. They physically cannot get hard again after orgasm

There is something called a "post-coital refractory period," which, according to Wikipedia, is a "recovery phase after orgasm during which it is physiologically impossible for a man to have additional orgasms due to increase in the penile sensory threshold." Basically, what this means is that the guys' penis returns to its usual flaccid state and it's hard for it to regain an erection for anywhere from thirty minutes to a couple hours.