For beginners, the use of anal toys can seem a bit scary, and there are definitely some things to keep in mind - both mentally and physically.

Most times, the reason behind someone having a negative first-time experience is because they dive right in, rather than taking it slow. So we think you should follow this advice from sex experts at b-Vibe to make your experience as safe and fun as possible.

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1. Trying solo

Masturbation is often seen as a key way to understand your body and your choices so that you feel empowered, and informed when experimenting with a partner. When it comes to anal play, it’s no different. Solo anal play is one of the best, and most comfortable, ways to get started with anal pleasure. Exploring a new anal sex toy with a partner is definitely a lot of fun, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, starting on your own allows you a safe space for experimentation.

2. Your brain should be on board

The most important part to making the experience fun is education. Education will empower your experience and allow you to know what to expect, which is a determining factor in how much fun you’ll be able to have. Take some time to research any subject about which you might be nervous or anxious. And remember it’s not a race.

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3. Never double dip

Essentially, this means that you shouldn’t ever touch the anus and vagina with the same hand, or sex toys without cleaning thoroughly beforehand. The anus and the vagina are two very distinct ecosystems, and you don’t want to spread bacteria from the anus to the vagina. Thank you!