It’s normal for sex to become boring as you and your partner become more comfy with each other, but that doesn’t mean you have to yield yourself to common sex for the rest of your relationship.

Below are ways to make sex great with these original techniques.

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1. Try with different condoms

Condoms are necessary if you and your partner aren’t monogamous with each other, or haven’t been tested for STD’s. But did you know that condoms can sometimes enhance your sex life, even if you don’t need them? Condoms are great for anal sex because you can just slip it off before engaging in vaginal penetration. You can try with different brands and styles of condoms, like ribbed or twisted, you may find something that actually helps stimulate your g-spot and makes it easier for you to have an orgasm.

2. Dirty talk

Start by simply vocalizing your pleasure when you feel something good, especially if your partner is doing something special to you like giving you oral sex. Next, start describing how much you like what he’s doing and then move on to tell him what you would like to do next. Dirty talk doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be vulgar – it can be as simple as tell your partner what you like and how much you like it.

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3. Striptease

Men love watching women, especially naked women. They love dancing naked women even more! There’s a reason that strip clubs are so popular, but most women don’t like their guys going out and looking at other women. You can solve that problem by learning to perform a striptease yourself! Don’t worry about not being a good dancer or not knowing what you’re doing – your man doesn’t care. Slip on some really great lingerie and do a sexy little dance for him.