Sex should still be fun and exciting! But you need to be aware of the crappy things that can happen if you aren’t careful.

There are negatives that go along with getting down int he bedroom. There are the obvious dangers like certain sex positions that are more riskier than you think. However, these popular positions out there can be more dangerous than you think. Take a look at these positions that you should be careful when doing, so you can have fun and be safe.

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1. The girl on top

The girl on top is fun and puts you in control, but it can also cause penile fractures. In fact, this position is responsible for half of the broken penis cases that are brought into the ER. Nothing ruins the moment like a broken penis. Do this if you like it, but try to avoid being too rough and remember that the penis is more fragile than you think.

2. The reverse cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is an awkward position when you really think about it because it moves the penis into such a weird and unnatural position. Girl on top is dangerous in general, but doing it in reverse can be even worse. It can cause the penis to bend in a way that isn't normal, which can cause it to break. If you're going to try this, go slow.

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3. The doggy style

Doggy style can end in a broken penis as well, but let's forget about the dude for a minute, it can also cause vaginal tearing very easily, which sounds terrible. You can still do it, but don't get too rough or fast, and if something starts to hurt, slow it down.