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Clitoral Orgasm vs Vaginal Orgasm All female orgasms are the same

According to science, they are all equal, although people who climax through clitoral stimulations have higher sex drive

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A woman reaches orgasm through the clitoris and the vagina, those are the avenues for climax. New study however suggest that none of the means is greater than the other.

According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the two sources of a woman’s orgasm seems not to affect any of sexual function, satisfaction, depression or even anxiety.

Previous studies had suggested that women who have vaginal orgasms have better sexual and mental health when compared to ladies who climax to clitoral stimulation.

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Researchers embarked on a quest to disprove the notion that vaginal orgasm is not better than clitoral orgasm.

The study was carried out with 88 women who were aged between 18 and 53. They were psychology students at the Southwestern U.S University, the average age on the study was 22 years old.

The questionnaire used was designed to question depression, anxiety, sexual desire and sexual distress. Their answers were to questions such as their sexual behaviors, and experience with orgasms, more importantly their most recent orgasm. They were also made to report of their certainty that they indeed have orgasm.

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Another aspect of study had women watch a series of sexually explicit clips followed by neutral film segments. As they watched the movie, they were told to increase or decrease their sexual arousal without stimulating themselves.  Each woman reported how sexually aroused she felt after each film segment.

The women who achieved orgasm through the clitoris reported higher sex driver, and they were more aroused when the sexual films were on, they could also increase their sexual arousal without self-stimulation, also more open to masturbation.

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In addition, orgasm source was not associated with orgasm intensity, sexual satisfaction, sexual distress, depression, or anxiety.

The study authors noted that assessing the sources of female orgasm could be challenging. “Women experience orgasms in many varied patterns, a complexity that is often missed by current methods of assessing orgasm source,” they wrote.

They also revealed that achieving orgasm can vary from partner and the type of sex. It’s also worthy to note that some ladies might be able to orgasm while masturbating but cannot achieve the same with sexual partner.

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