The orgasm gap between men and women is a real issue especially when it comes to just vaginal penetration.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Durex's sex expert Alix Fox said, two out of three women aren't climaxing every time they have sex (that’s 400 million missing orgasms). As well as making it her mission to close that damn gap by campaigning. Below are some of her tips for ensuring you reach orgasm every time, whether you’re alone or with a partner.

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1. Get the gel

Some ladies state that it helps them to hit orgasm with a partner quicker and more efficiently, and makes climax more amazing and extraordinary when they do arrive. Several women encounter diverse results, so experiment to see how it works for you. Start by getting your partner to apply the gel for you. They should stroke it onto you as slowly and gently as possible as the application should increase the excitement.

2. The scene should be properly set

Lots of women report that their capacity to orgasm with a partner depends on how they feel emotionally as well as physically, so it’s about what’s occurring between their ears as much as what’s going on between their legs. However, stress and anxiety can kill orgasms faster than you think. Your partner should aim to create and maintain an intimate environment in which you feel safe and comfortable enough to truly relax, express yourself and let go.

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3. Turn up your solo orgasms

It is possible for your body to become briefly accustomed to finishing only when your clitoris is receiving the kind of non-stop stimulation that fingers, a tongue or a penis can’t physically match. So in order to switch things up, use toys with your partner as well as when you’re playing solo. It’s a wise idea to switch up the techniques you use during self-pleasure sessions.