You might start to get a little emotional after an orgasm which is absolutely normal than you would think.

So if you’re wondering if your post-orgasm behavior is troubling, you don't have to worry. You probably already know that an orgasm can leave you feeling flushed, happy, and exhausted but these aren’t the only things that can happen once you’ve climax and you should probably be aware of the other “side effects” in case they happen to you and leave you feeling nervous. Here are some of the strangest things that can happen after you have an orgasm.

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1. You might have a foot orgasm

According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, one woman reported having orgasms in her foot after having sex, which is totally rare, but possible! According to researchers, her brain had trouble figuring out where the sensation was coming from, which made her feel it in her foot.

2. Your period might come early

Even if your period normally comes on time, having sex can actually make it come a little bit earlier. Sex can cause your uterine lining to shed, which can kickstart your period. Another thing to note is that semen can soften the cervix, which can start your period earlier.

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3. You can get headaches

It seems like sex is always fun and stress-free, but it can actually put a lot of stress on your body. As you get sexually aroused, it can cause pressure in your head that can lead to pain and aches. The worst part is they can be so bad that they cause nausea.