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Chasing Orgasms 4 things that are slowly but surely killing your sex life

Your lifestyle choices can either aid or kill your sex life. Here are four of things that may be slowly eating away your sex drive under your nose.

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Many people have made lifestyle choices that are slowly but surely killing their sex life.

Most of these people do not notice until it becomes too late to make amends, sex drive/performance node-dives and then they begin to panic.

The signs are usually there and the discerning will notice – maybe your appetite for sex drops or you don’t perform anymore, three rounds become two and then you get premature ejaculation issues.

Here are four of these things you must watch if you want to save your sex life:

  1. You use too much drugs or medicine. Drugs, especially antidepressants can cause sexual side effects which include erectile dysfunction, orgasm issues and lowered libido. Birth control pills, anti-histamines, decongestants can also interfere with your sex drive. So watch it.

  2. You take too much alcohol. You must know that taking too much alcohol is bad for your sex drive and your overall health. It can drastically decrease your sexual performance. A glass or a bottle is enough.

  3. You don’t sleep enough. Sleep is very important, more than many realise. Skipping sleep may lower your libido because you need it to function properly.

  4. You are putting on lose weight. As you get larger and put on the fat, your sex drive and performance suffer. Diabetes and high cholesterol levels, linked to obesity, can also impact your libido. If you’re going down that line, you might want to start getting fit.

Check and cross check your lifestyle choices.

If you are found wanting in any of these, then you should consider correcting it today – be careful the way you use drugs, step down on alcohol, sleep well and lose that fat.