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Beauty, Love, Emotions Aṣa's caramel cleavage and laps ...exposed for the first time!

Everyone knows Aṣa has a beautiful voice, one of the best. But a picture showing her sexy side has not been seen, until these cleavage and lap baring pictures appeared on her Instagram account.

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Is this Aṣa's.... play

Is this Aṣa's....


Nigerian French singer-songwriter, and recording artist, Aṣa, is a darling of music lovers with high taste all over the word.

Aṣa, born Bukola Elemide in the French capital Paris, was raised in Lagos.

Since the release of the 32-year-old’s first album, Aṣa in 2008, she has not looked back, building on the success with Beautiful Imperfection in 2010 and Bed of Stone in 2014.

The Beautiful Perfection of the enigma Aṣa is seen in the fact that she has managed to remain a darling of many without needing to do much flesh flashing.

Her success is entirely due to her mastery of her "art and her emotions".

A biography on the Asa Official website aptly paints a beautiful picture of the woman whose voice has become food to many:

"She’s clearly one of the most exciting artists to have emerged in the last decade. She’s highly in-demand by festivals across the world and radios (with taste!) are giving her a special place on their playlists. She’s a whirlwind, she’s happiness, and she is a craze."

Perhaps this is why these new photos of her, posted on her Instagram account (@Asa_Music) are very interesting.

For the first time, a cleavage baring photo of her appears, preceded by a very hot picture that seems to be of her caramel lap.

It is interesting to know that she is as beautiful as her voice.