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Lazy Sex 7 sex positions when you’re too tired to care

There is such a thing as lazy sex, you just don't want to expend so much energy. Here are sex positions that is for those moments.

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We all know that it's not every time that you're 100% excited about sex. play

We all know that it's not every time that you're 100% excited about sex.

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Sex is so powerful that even when you’re tired, you still want to do it.

For ladies, this is a simple list of positions that can help you during those days that you do want to have sex but you would love to.

Or if you’re generally a lazy person, these positions should help you

1. The  Missionary style

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Not only is it the most popular sex position, it is also the most convenient. For the lady, she is there to enjoy it.

2. The Spoon

  play (Kylah Benes-Trapp)

Just like cuddling. Lay side by side with each other, with the lady in front and the guy behind her. This way, he can hold your breasts or put his hand on your clit for more sensation.

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3. The Curled Spoon

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Close to the spoon, a modified version of the spoon. Assume the spoon position, then crawl up in fetal position, the guy assumes the same position behind you. This position allows the girl be relaxed and not do a thing but enjoy it.

4. The Right angle

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This is a modification from the Missionary, the slight difference here is that your legs are on his shoulders. So, this isn’t as convenient like the others but still the same.

5. The Acute angle

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Quite similar to right angle, these won’t your legs so bad, the guy would be holding them rather than putting them on his shoulders, and it’s very convenient.

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6. Collapsed Doggy style

  play (Kylah Benes-Trapp)

It’s the doggy style, but the lady is sleeping on her belly with the ass up. As easy as it sounds, it also very good for the G-spot. There you have it, a lazy position that allows your G-spot to be impacted.


7. The Chair Face-off

  play (Kylah Benes-Trapp)

Let the guy sit facing his front directly on the chair, you straddle him, his hands should be on your hips, then bounce up and done. A little bit of effort is required here but it’s still a lazy position either ways.

When next you’re feeling down, try these positions.