For some reason, the lubricant has this conventional reputation as something that's only for people who've dried up downtown.

However, there's absolutely no truth to that. Lube, in all its glory, is for everyone—as in, everyone should be using it more times than not. Lubricant can be made from four different materials: water, oil, petroleum, or silicone. Water-based is the safest option if you're using condoms, plus, it can be easily washed away from your bodies, sheets, whatever, post-coitus.

Silicone-based lube is great for shower or pool and anal sex because it generally stays slicker for longer and won't wash away in water. Just know some silicone-based lubes can break down condoms, so use a backup birth control method.

1. Can be used before sex happens

Lube has this reputation as being something you use during penetrative sex when a partner is having a harder time maintaining their own lubrication, and this is total BS. Help break this taboo by bringing your new slick friend out during foreplay.

2. Use it for a sensual massage

The first rule of using warming lube is to never use it without telling your partner first. Other than that, there really are no rules–go forth and heat things up! Use a few dollops on your partner's nipples for nipple stimulation that's literally hotter than ever.

3. Use it to increase his orgasm

During sex with a male partner, dab a few little droplets of lube onto his perineum - the extra-sensitive spot between his scrotum and anus. Just before he orgasms, lightly tap your finger on the lubed-up spot to change the whole damn game and send him over the edge.

4. Use it when masturbating

If you have dry hands, no need to use a moisturizing lotion that could contain unwanted chemicals, especially because you don't want those ingredients inside you. Just apply a few drops of water-based lube to your finger before touching yourself for a smoother feel.

5. Can be definitely used during a vaginal intercourse

You can apply it directly to your body, or to the penis or condom itself. Sure, you may encounter a point at which it's too much, but that's easily remedied with a paper towel. You don't want to reduce all the friction, but that entrance is personal for everyone and you'll know it when you feel it.

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