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How To Guide 5 ways to handle a woman’s breasts during sex

Aren't breasts just the best? The breasts give women a completely separate erogenous zone for enjoyment.

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5 ways to handle a woman’s breasts during sex play

Learn new ways to handle her boobs better with ultimate pleasure


The breasts are just the best thing to happen to the female anatomy. However, there are lots of things your lover can do to your breasts during sex to make it even better.

But they can also include a lot of work because the breasts give women the chance to encounter all kinds of satisfaction and a whole different kind of orgasm.

The below tips are simple enough to make anyone a boobs pro in no time.

1. The scissors

You let your partner make a V-shape with his hand and scissor around your nipples. This will provide you with a totally new kind of excitement.

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2. Kissing them

A little anticipation can sometimes do the trick. Let your partner kiss your breasts, but neglects the nipples for a few minutes, this little teasing might just be enough to drive you erratic. And this makes foreplay fun too.

3. Backing it up

The beauty of the boobs can be appreciated in so many ways. Let your partner embrace you from behind and cup your boobs, the little bit of visual deprivation will be hot for everyone.

4. The gentle touch

The little things count sometimes. If your lover scoops the skin along your chest and breasts very gently, then you will probably love the gentle feelings.

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5. Little teeth feel can also do the trick

Just little teeth trick can make your nipple play even more interesting. Tell your partner on just how to nibble on them because you don't want the fun times to turn painful.