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Sex & Relationship 5 ways to enjoy lovemaking if your man is too endowed

Your partner being really big does not have to be a problem to worry about.

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Tales of a promiscuous couple 3 [Part 2] play 5 ways to enjoy sex with a partner who is too endowed. (Pinterest)

While some women complain about a partner being of  average size,  there are those whose partners are too endowed and would need some tips on how to enjoy the best sex in the given situation.

It is actually important to understand that this is an issue just as much as a man being 'too small' is. It could lead to sexual frustration and infidelity.

“One study... reported that women were more likely to have an outside partner when their male partner had a larger penis. We found that 2.6 percent of women in one of our studies ended a relationship with a partner, in part, because their partner had a penis they felt was too large,” says Nicole Prause, Ph.D. an American expert.

What if your partner has a fetish you're not comfortable with. play Your partner's endowment should not scare you every time. You can master and get pleasure from it. (Reader's Digest)

But here is the good news, being too well hung does not need to be a problem to worry about. You can do away with the discomfort and replace it with pleasure in the following 5 steps:

1. Foreplay

It takes most vulvas 10-40 minutes to be fully turned on. This means you cannot afford to not take foreplay serious. You and your man need to keep at it till you feel fully turned on, lubricated and ready.

When you're fully turned on and ready, your vagina gets longer and wider. Those extra inches are extra important if the experience is to be sustained and satisfying.

Best Valentine's day sex experience. play Foreplay is needed. And a lot of it. (Shutterstock)


2. Lubrication

This is a no brainer. You need to make lube your best friend. Not only does lube make everything feel better, it also reduces friction and of course makes the ride smoother.

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3. Orgasm first

When you come, your body releases a bunch of feel-good chemicals, the combination of all of which helps you feel satisfied and relaxed. Your muscles are no longer tense, including those in and around your vagina; which makes it a lot easier than it would have normally been.

Making love on Valentine's day. play Choose favourable positions to heighten the pleasure and cancel out the discomfort. (TWW)


4. Favourable positions

Doggy style and missionary might not be the best options when your lover is well hung. Your best bets are positions where you have more control of the penetration. Try girl on top or spooning.

5. Work up to it

If you know his size is a problem, don’t expect to go straight to penetration. Instead, start smaller, say with one finger, two or a small vibrator or dildo. This will further ease and prime you for when penetration eventually happens.