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Vagina 5 vulva smell every woman needs to know about

Time to learn the difference between normal and abnormal.

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5 vulva smell every woman needs to know about play

Smelling good down there is a good business


It's normal for your vagina to have some sort of aroma, but certain vaginal odors can indicate a serious infection especially when followed by a change in color and amount of vaginal discharge.

Below are some of the smells you should look out for.

1. The musky smell

For a healthy vagina, the smell varies depending on your daily activities. For example, after an intense time at the gym, you may notice a stronger, muskier smell due to moisture released by sweat glands in the surrounding region. While this tends to be 100 percent normal, any scent that bothers you enough to want to cover it up warrants a call to your doctor.

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2. The almighty fishy smell

If your vagina gives off a strong, fishy odor that smells foul, chances are you're suffering from an infection. If the odor increases right after sex, or it's accompanied by an increase in discharge, it could be bacterial vaginosis, a condition marked by an overgrowth of bacteria that upsets the vagina's delicate PH balance, which can be cleared up with antibiotics.

3. The yeasty smell

There's normally a small amount of yeast present in your vagina, yeast infections occur when there's an overgrowth due to lubrication, spermicides, antibiotic use, or even pregnancy. When you notice a faint, bread-like smell along with discharge, you should inform your doctor to confirm this diagnosis.

4. The bleachy smell

Lubricants or condoms can contribute to this smell, which most women liken to chlorine or bleach. Luckily, it's nothing to be worried about just change your sex drawer if this smell bothers you.

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5.  The sweet smell

Your diet can affect the taste and scent of your vagina. Citrus fruits like oranges, pineapple, and grapefruit have been known to sweeten the smell and taste of vaginal fluids. On the other hand, onions and garlic can cause unpleasant odour and taste.