Guys don't really care about your lingerie as long as the action is good. 

Here are things that they really don't care about and you shouldn't too.

1. If you are wet or not wet 

There's really no need to be insecure about being too wet. Men are hardly going to be complaining about it and are actually very likely to see it as a compliment. And if you're the kind of woman who has difficulties getting wet, there's always lubricant.

2. If your vagina doesn't smell like roses

Women are especially uneasy about the smell of their vagina during oral sex. But it's really not worth stressing about it - oral sex is a really intimate moment to share with a partner so just enjoy it! Also, vaginas are supposed to smell like vaginas and not your favourite Gucci perfume.

3. The kind of sounds you make during sex

A lot of the time you lose control in the best possible way. When you orgasm, you're basically losing control over your body and this can lead you to make spontaneous movements and sounds. It's to be expected and no one's going to feel weird about it.

4. The face you make during sex

It's safe to say that men probably like that thing you do with your face during your steamy sex sessions. And besides, they have their own particular sex face.

5. How long it takes you to cum

If it takes you a long time to orgasm, you might start to feel self-conscious. But whatever happens, just know that he'll be enjoying himself. Plus women find it difficult to finish than their male counterparts so it'll hardly be a blow to his ego if you don't.

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