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The Horny & Adventurous 5 steamy sex positions you have to try out this weekend

How good you're in bed can sometime boil down to the sex position you're using. If you're a power thruster, doggy might be your thing and missionary for someone else.

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Sex is a bonding experience, these positions should help you and your partner get closer this weekend.


There is a chance that a guy can improve his sexual stamina with diverse options, and one of them is the type of sex positions being used.

Some sex positions can help you last longer in bed, other solutions could be to have your mind drift away from the sex, think about some other things other than what you’re doing, taking your mind off what’s going on is also good.

Sex positions can also help you last longer, check out these positions as explained by Jill Hamilton, Cosmopolitan.

1. Missionary impossible

Missionary impossible play

Missionary impossible



This is a modified version of the missionary position that requires upper body strength from the guy. The lady’s legs are up against the guy’s chest, and she rocks him back and forth. It may be inconvenient, this should work well for the guy as his mind isn’t fully focused on the sex.

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You make it better, you can use condoms that have the words, extra strength or extended pleasure while doing this. Go in grind motions instead of thrusting, that should also do the magic.

2. The ball monitor

The Ball Monitor play

The Ball Monitor



This is another modified sex position, one from reverse cowgirl only that he’s sitting up. Just like the first position, grind as much as you thrust then when the guy is about to cum, the lady begins to rub and tug at his balls, slightly pulling them away from the body, take it easy on the ball sack.

That easy move should help push back orgasm for a while longer.

3. The knocker rocker

Knocker rocker play

Knocker rocker



In what seems like a cuddling position, wrap your arms and legs around each other in a position where the guy can penetrate the vagina, then begin to rock each other back and forth.

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The stimulation won’t be 100 per cent but it’ll be just enough for you to last longer in bed.

 4. Dog, interrupted

Dog, interrupted play

Dog, interrupted



During sex, when you switch positions, it’s almost like resetting the sex. This doggy position allows for deep and super sensual penetration. She is on her knees as seen in the pic above. When his orgasm is close, he pulls back then drags the lady back into his laps. It’s so super sexy.

5. The measuring spoon

Measuring spoon play

Measuring spoon



This looks like spooning from a point of view but it’s sweeter than usual. The lady is on her knees, with her buttocks in the air. The guy is behind, and thrusts into her.

This signals the guy’s brain that orgasm is imminent but what is to be done is to try a rhythm, so the guy can go between six to eight shallow strokes then one deep stroke. The slow burn will make it way more interesting.

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