As we approach the final range of 2018, we should at least try to end this year off on a good note. These sex positions can be a silly way to make this year worth it.

You can make this year end on a high note by trying out some sex positions we know you haven't tried this year.

1. On top the world

Try this one out. Have your bae lay down, then you sit on top of them, facing their feet. Have them hold onto your hips to help guide you, and you're good to go.

on top the world

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2. The rookie rock

Not only is this a great sex position, but it's also a great work out for your calves and butt. Have your partner lay down, then you squat over them, keeping their legs on your side.

The rookie rock

3. The bridge

You'll definitely want to make sure your partner is up for this one since it can be quite a workout. Have them do a bridge pose and then you sit on top. Honestly, it's not for everyone, but it's worth a shot.

The bridge

4. The leg lift

If you want something super sexy, try this one. Throw on some heels and then have one leg up on your bae's shoulder as you get it on while standing up.

The leg lift

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5. The stair sex

It's something that you should at least try if you're into it. Kneel on a staircase and have your bae stand behind you. It is definitely something different than your normal sex routine.

The stair sex

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