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Sex 5 reasons why it can unquestionably get better with age

Undeniably, sex gets better as you age, read on to see interesting reasons.

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5 reasons why sex can unquestionably get better with age play

As you age, sex actually gets better.


Although many physical changes take place as you age, and that can affect your sex life.

As the body ages, fat easily develops, fine lines start to appear, the skin becomes wrinkled, and gray hairs become more obvious.

But trust us, sex can get better as you age, see interesting reasons below.

1. No more distractions

There's no more work-related stress and taking care of little children, which can take all your energy, time and emotions. No more let just do it quickly sex. When you’re older, you’ll have more time for romance and sex with fewer distractions.

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2. You know what your partner wants

As you get older, you become more familiar with your partner's body. You get to know how to satisfy your partner sexually and also being mindful of what turns them off. As a result, sex becomes more enjoyable.

3. Contentment

Aging comes with lots of experience. One of the reasons why older people are enjoying their sex lives so much is because they have finally come to terms with the fact that there are a lot of things they can’t change. So, they learn to appreciate more and expect less.

4. Married sex is better

You are not scared of getting pregnant. Because you are married, sex is more fun and you are not scared going to skin to skin with your partner. Although sex won’t be the same due to your aging bodies, but still,  it is an enjoyable and satisfying act. However, older people should still practice safe sex, because even if reproduction is out of the line, STDs aren’t.

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5. You become more creative

As you get older, it comes with a lot of changes like vaginal dryness and not too strong erections. This is due to these changes, couples are keen to find new ways to pleasure each other than just focus on intercourse such as touching, kissing and other pleasurable ways. But most importantly, trying to strengthen intimacy and closeness.