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Oral Sex 5 reasons some guys love to go down on their women

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They love the view of the underboobs while they are giving a great head.

There's absolutely no man out there that will deny the woman he adores oral sex. A lot of men receive and they should also give in return.

Below are some steamy reasons why he loves to go down on you.

1. The pleasure gets extended

The thrusting part of sex naturally only lasts a for a few minutes. But the best way to make sex last longer and more erotic is to go downtown on you. 

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2. Dual climax

When it comes to orgasm, men would win all the time. Although sex is not a race, it's supposed to be teamwork. And getting you prepared before the main match makes it a little more likely that you both achieve climax together.

3. They get to take their time and appreciate your body

They take their time to appreciate your curves and angles that are fully sexualized in his mind. Maybe how your back arch when he goes down on you or the way your hip bone sways beneath your skin.

4. They can focus on what truly matters

The clitoris gets ignored a lot of times which shouldn't be so. However, the clitoris is very crucial for orgasm. But with oral sex, they know they can make it up to you because they have an unobstructed, distraction-free opportunity to please you.

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5. It boosts the connection you both share

Oral sex is one of the most intimate aspects of any relationship.  And when you open yourself up to your man like that, they feel really connected to you both physically and emotionally.