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Squirting 5 incredible facts you should know about it

Everyone with a vagina is capable of squirting, but not everyone can.

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5 incredible facts you should know about squirting play

Make her squirt now


The term squirting typically means the female ejaculation during sex. So whether you're sexually active or not, at this point, you have probably heard about it.

But there are some facts about squirting you need to know. For beginners, the ones we see in porn are not realistic and have only been fabricated to make the sex hot.

So, just before you feel she doesn't squirt makes her less of a woman, below are some awesome facts about squirting.

1. The female ejaculation and squirting are different things

Squirting doesn't mean ejaculation in females because these happen in two different parts of the body and, as fluids, look, feel, and are made up of completely different things. Therefore, squirting can actually be part of female ejaculation, but it doesn't make up all of it. It's possible to have one without the other or both at the same time. Although they're both under the related circumstance where women are made to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable because of it, generally, they're both due to female sexual satisfaction.

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2. The female ejaculation originates from the skene's gland

The skene's glands sit on the anterior wall of your vagina on either side of your urethra and are sometimes known to as the female prostate. It works like the male prostate, it comes out like semen without the sperm and contains glucose, fructose, and prostatic acid phosphate. It feels thicker than what we know as squirting with a consistency more like saliva. So, the female ejaculation is different than the vaginal ejaculation that happens during arousal and if you're having penis and vagina sex, it's easy to get these fluids confused.

3. Squirting is nothing more than a diluted pee

Some people actually feel squirting more than just pee, but the truth, according to science, is that squirting can include urine. It comes from your bladder and exits your urethra. It's not peeing, exactly, but it definitely includes urine. So, urine is shallow, and squirting is just diluted urine because it contains urea and creatine, but in much lower amounts.

4. Squirting can happen with having an orgasm

Squirting originates from a discharge in the tissues surrounding your urethra and bladder due to satisfaction. So, your body or someone else's body at the right angle will do it and so will yielding the anxiety in your body. Given those two triggers, it's likely that squirting comes as a direct result of an orgasm, but it doesn't have to be.

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5. Gushing out doesn't always happen during squirting

Just like you see people squirting in porn videos, you might see it gushing out in large quantity, but it also comes in smaller quantities than in porn.