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Masturbation 3 ways to masturbate really well

Solo sex can help you get to know more about your body.

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3 ways to masturbate really well play



A  woman's orgasm can be difficult and most women don't climax alone through penetrative sex.

So if you're an experienced masturbator and want to try something new or want to explore your own body for the first time, these masturbation tips will help you a whole lot.

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1. Edging

If you've already figured out what stimulation brings you to orgasm, you can try amping up that feeling by teasing yourself as you approach your peak. Stop at least three times before you allow it to happen. If you can exercise this control, the longer you wait, the more powerful it gets.

2. Trying the other spot

Some women report a lot of sensation around their U-spot, a small area of tissue above the urethra and right below the clitoris. So it's worth stimulating that a little bit too, to see if it does anything for you.

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3. Focus more on the clitoral region

The easiest way to satisfy yourself is to stimulate your clitoris until your vaginal walls contract. Caress your vaginal lips, slowly moving towards your clitoris. Start with continuous, light-medium pressure and moving your fingers in small circles is a very popular technique. You can also use a little lubrication to make your fingers slide over your vulva.