As a woman, the monthly rollercoaster that hormones bring about makes it all the more difficult. But, it's not just the hormones, or how attracted one might be feeling to someone, that affects the Libido.

Here are some things you seemingly didn't understand are killing your libido.

1. Absence of sleep

As life gets busy, and the body gets older, you need restful sleep to be able to perform sexually. Tiredness kills sexual desire. An exhausted body just wants to sleep, so even if you get around to it, you might just fall asleep halfway through, and no one likes that.

2. Dehydration

Not drinking enough water can dry up your vagina and make sex painful and unpleasant. It also makes it harder to achieve orgasm. Because of this, when you're dehydrated, your body just doesn't want sex.

3. Not exercising

An active lifestyle makes us healthier, gets our blood flowing, and releases happy hormones. All these things put together, make us feel more attractive and up for some sexy time. An inactive lifestyle preserves laziness, and this reflects under the sheets as well.

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