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Vagina Soreness 3 reasons you could be sore down there after sex

It can be messy and sometimes, you might find that you end up feeling a little sore down there.

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3 reasons you could be sore down there after sex play

The D might be way too big.


You know, the well-being that goes along with orgasms and human contact and wanting someone and feeling wanted in return.

Of course, sex itself should never be outright painful, but it’s actually fairly common to experience some soreness and tenderness down there every now and then after doing it.

But in some cases, the soreness will go away on its own. But still, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be educated on what might be causing it. So, see these reasons why your vagina could be sore after sex below.

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 1. The D was way too big

If the penis or sex toy that you're using is too large, it's possible that it could be causing some small tearing or burning sensations that you might not notice until later. Of course, this doesn't mean that you're doomed to feel sore after sex forever. If you're using a sex toy, you can just go down a size.  And, if your penis-having partner just happens to be particularly well-endowed, make sure you spend a lot of time on foreplay and don't be afraid to use lube.

2. You're using something you're allergic to

If you consistently feel a little sore in your vagina, particularly after sex, it's possible that you're allergic to something that you've been using down there.  This doesn't have to be anything sex-related, either, it could be condoms, detergent, soap, or anything else that comes into contact with your vagina is causing it some irritation. So, start paying attention to the things you're using to see if it makes a difference with your vaginal pain.

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3. Poor arousal process

Spend more time on foreplay. If you don't have enough lubrication in your vagina when you have sex, this can cause a lot of friction that might cause some pain during and after sex. If you know you're spending sufficient time on foreplay and you still don't feel super wet during sex, try adding some lube into the mix.