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3 reasons why physically fit people have much better sex

How confident are you about your sexual performance? Read on for reasons why being fit makes you have better sex.

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3 reasons why fit people have much better sex play

Body fitness, equals better sex.


Are you worried about getting completely naked in front of the partner of your choice? Do you keep finding imperfections in your body?

If you really have issues with your self-assurance and can do with some help with how you perform in bed, then there is a very easy way to resolve these issues. You need to start working out. Getting fit will not only make you healthier and stronger but will help boost your self-confidence. Below are the reasons why being fit makes you have better sex.

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1. Fitter bodies are more attractive to partners

We are all attracted to people who are in good physical form. On a subconscious level, we are all looking for a partner who is healthy. It is in our nature to seek the most suitable partner to bear children with. By putting a little effort into getting fit you will pretty soon begin feeling this amazing effect on yourself. The fitter you become – the more attractive you will become to potential partners.

2. Working out boosts the release of sex hormones

Exercising causes certain chemical reactions in the body, one of which is the release of dopamine. Dopamine is the hormone which our bodies produce when we like something. It also helps suppress appetite as well as make your orgasms more powerful. No doubt, better orgasms lead to a better sexual experience both for you and for your partner.

3. The more you like your body – the more confident you will be

If you have already had a fitness experience and have gone through the transformation from being out of shape to become fit, you must have noticed that people actually begin treating you and looking at you in a different way. This not only means that they are more likely to be attracted to you, but also will help improve your self-confidence.

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So, no matter how out of shape you are and what your age is, if you start leading an active lifestyle, you will feel much more attractive, confident and will become fitter, healthier and happier. This will definitely have a positive effect on your sex life and your sexual performance as well.

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