Having a quickie can be just as meaningful as spending hours worshiping your partner's body.

But, to make it meaningful, most people have to be more creative. Ditch the idea of a quickie as at home and try other places. Below are places to try for that quick hot sex sesh.

1. In a cab

Subtly lift up your dress, undo his pants and slide onto his lap with your back to him. If you use the natural movement of the car, you might actually get away with it. Gently lean forward and rock back and forth to deepen the action and stimulate your clitoris at the same time.

2. Gym

To get physical in the changing rooms, get him to hoist you up so your back is against his chest, your legs hooked around his waist. Then push your arms against the wall in front of you for extra support and get him to thrust up using his quads.

3. Toilet cubicle

With your back against the wall and one leg up on the lid, get him to thrust up into you. Lifting your leg in this way allows him to go deep and lets you control his pace with your glutes and inner thighs.

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