Whether your partner is a co-worker or your current beau, there’s something super sexy about having sex at work.

Here’s how to get freaky in the workplace.

1. Try against the filing cabinet

This can actually be a great way to hide from your co-workers if you can find a little nook created by a few filing cabinets. Doing it up against a filing cabinet is super sexy because it’s impromptu – and has an air of naughtiness to it. Depending on how tall the cabinet is, the girl could sit on the top of the cabinet while her man lifts her skirt up and performs oral sex on her.

2. Office elevator

Lots of time, you only have enough time for passionate kissing in an elevator until the doors open. However, you can extend the time you have if you’re alone by pushing the emergency stop button. This may or may not set off an alarm, so you may want to find out beforehand from the building maintenance staff if you’re going to need to make a run for it afterward.

3. On a desk

Having sex on a desk at the office is cliche – but it’s really fun! Find a desk hidden away in a conference room or in a cubicle in the corner of the room to avoid getting caught. Bonus points if you actually throw all of the stuff off the desk first in one sweep of your arm!

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