Frequently the small things which give us the biggest joy are often the root of the critical problem. 

From not getting checkups on time or hanging out in dirty, sweaty clothes, below are 3 mistakes we need to stop making to keep our vaginas healthy.

1. Wearing tight pants 

Keeping heat and moisture in such tight pants could lead to infections and pain, and that's not worth whatever fashion statement you're trying to make. So if you feel your vaginal health is being affected by the pants you're wearing, give the area some breathing space and switch to looser, more airy clothes for a bit.

2. Not letting the area breathe

Ideally, while you're sleeping is a good time to air your vajayjay out, allowing it to maintain the optimal pH balance and not exposing it to friction and heat because of imposing fabrics. Plus, you're probably most comfortable not wearing underwear while sleeping, but if you are in general too, nobody's going to stop you from going commando on a regular day out.

3. Ignoring any extended vaginal discomfort

One of the worst things you can do is ignore any signs that your vaginal health is not up to the mark. If you've been seeing unusual discharge, feeling itchy or notice any signs of a vaginal infection, stop ignoring it and get yourself to a doctor. A yeast infection is a pretty common phenomenon, but that doesn't mean it'll go away just like that, and you never know if it could be something far more serious than that.

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