If you and your partner are okay with blood, there’s really no reason why you guys can’t have sex during your period.

There’s really no medical reason why you can’t have period sex; in fact, period sex can actually do a whole lot of good.

1. Serves as a natural painkiller

The rush of endorphins helps to relieve pain, not just cramps, mind you, but headaches too. And another bonus: you’ll be feeling great

2. Feeling sleek

Once you get past the thought of period sex being awful, think of the great benefit of not needing lube. Because you’re extra sleek down there, sex could end up feeling even better. This is especially great if you’re someone who struggles to get ‘wet’.

3. Shorter Periods

Having period sex can possibly shorten your periods. This is because orgasms cause the uterus to contract, speeding up the shedding of the lining, leading to fewer bloody days.

However, you can still fall pregnant during your period. The chances are quite slim, but best avoid it by using contraception. You should be using condoms when you are having sex, but especially during period sex.

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