Blindfolds can help you be super present and reduce your hindrances while also making everything seem a little sharper.

The first time being blindfolded is scary. If you're the blindfolder, be super gentle, keep talking so your partner has a sense of where you are, and try to keep a reassuring hand resting on them at all times. Below are awesome positions to try.

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1. The mystery hop

They won't be able to see you, but they'll feel you extra. And if you're restrained by an inner critic offering unwanted commentary during sex, a blindfold can stop that shit. It tricks your brain—if you can't see your partner, they can't see you – so it's easier to relax and grind away as you please with no one looking at you.

2. The paradise

Again, this is also good if you're feeling a little shy or restrained–lie back and really enjoy their mouth or a toy on you. This is especially perfect after a long day.

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3. Blackout

If you feel like blindfold pros, bust out two of them and try to feel your way into a semi-tricky position. You're on your back with one leg up over your partner's shoulder, while they kneel and straddle your leg. Teamwork but also sensory overload.

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