The calmness of Urum community in Awka North local government area of Anambra State, was shattered last weekend when a 31-year-old man, Chinedu Nwafor-Ndulue, suddenly ran amok and descended on his 64-year-old father and butchered the old man to death, claiming that his father was behind is many misfortunes.

The younger man, according to reports, had on many occasions threatened to kill his father before the fateful day when he actually made good his threats while the father was preparing to attend an elders’ meeting in the community.

Eyewitnesses say that Chinedu, a father of 3, had, after killing his father, vowed to kill his mum and other members of the household and while hunting for the rest of his family members, youths in the community mobilized and rushed to the scene where he was apprehended.

A family member narrated that the deceased and his family had lived in the northern part of the country for a long time and that the killer-son converted to Islam and got married to a Muslim lady but he has never amounted to anything in his life.

When the family relocated to the east, Chinedu was to South Africa by the family to better his life but that instead of settling down to the business he went for, he joined bad gangs and formed the habit of taking drugs till he was deported back to the country.

The relative explained further:

"Since he came back, he had been exhibiting funny traits. He often chased his father about with a sharp cutlass to kill him.

He had done that not less than four times. The last time he did that, we went and bought him drugs that would calm him down, to see if that could get him back to his senses, because we thought; maybe he had some infections in the brain."