As you prepare for the New Year, brings you a few predictions on the love lives of singles based on the 12 zodiac signs for year 2016

Aries: Your social scene and dating circle knows no bounds in 2016, Aries, especially in February and March. You'll often be surrounded by fascinating, attractive prospects who are equally drawn to you. Most of your romantic encounters may be more emotional than you'd like, but some will be with people who have a temperament that suits you. You'll be a dating magnet, though, and will attract them all. Be selective. This matters most in late May and June, when Mars is retrograde in sexy Scorpio. Saying yes too often to too many people could cause complications later. Open up to the feelings of others in August but stick to your Aries "me first" agenda in September. You will still be generous, attentive, and loved. Favors for and time spent with non-romantic friends in November and December may get you an introduction to your dreamy The Right One later down the road. Expect very little downtime in 2016. Be safe and have fun, Ram!

Taurus: Love is all around you in 2016, Taurus, but not in the usual places. This can expand your social horizons and widen your world. In February and March, you could meet someone interested in spirituality or in the more elevated cultural arts. No one is being a snob or guru wannabe, as the interest is real. See what you think, and give it all a chance. Neptune is strong now, though, so be smart, too. A splash of romantic excitement comes in April when Venus and Uranus are together in Aries. By the end of June you'll be on firmer, more familiar dating ground. This does not mean boring people, however. Another fling or a more assertive love prospect may appear in September. With the Lunar North Node involved, this could be karmic. You know how to stand your ground, though, and you deserve to be comfortable and happy, too. December is all about calm and comfort, so enjoy each day to the fullest. 2016 is a stimulating year!

Gemini: Good times and big dreams are coming your way in 2016, Gemini! You may not travel the world but you won't be sitting at home, either. No couch potato dates for you. A Solar Eclipse in March will light the fire and bring you inspiration as well as some romantic hopefuls who truly desire you. Manage your social schedule with skill and much amusement all spring. Someone too good to be true may appear in the late summer, but look twice anyway, because there may be some emotional truth there for you. And if you get swept off your feet, unless it's undeniably karmic (and you'll know), the relationship doesn't need to last long - and shouldn't. Dating could get hot and heavy in November and December. Unless you've already met someone with long-term potential, brace yourself for more romantic excitement. The year could end with an emotional roller coaster ride. Have fun, but pay attention.

Cancer: In 2016, love will always be close to home, Cancer, so expect a lot of attention! Speak up for yourself and let admirers do their best to please you. You deserve it. The dating scene may be super busy in the winter and spring, but some of those dates will be one-timers, which is fine. A thrilling encounter may happen in the spring, but it doesn't need to get reckless. Be sensible and have fun. After the Mars retrograde period ends in late June, you may meet someone equally serious and with more staying power. It still does not have to be forever unless you want it to be. A smooth, easy summer concludes with a blast of extravagance and emotion in September. Be the pampered one and see how you both feel afterward. A Mercury retrograde at the end of the year could cause some mixed messages and missed meet-ups, but it's nothing to worry about. Your heart is in a good place all year long.

Leo: Start off 2016 with a bang, Leo! You'll attract plenty of attention just by being your radiant self. You may innocently shock some people - in a good way. If you feel a bit down or more needy during the early spring, don't fret for long. Plenty of potential dates are out there, wanting to make you happy. They may be of the familiar, ordinary sort, though. If craving someone more exciting or different, that might have to wait for April or May. You may meet someone in August or September who promises you the high life, and this might be flattering and fun for a while. You're too proud and independent to let it last for long, though. Someone more your equal may appear later in the year, perhaps during the final Mercury retrograde in December. If not a true soul mate, you'll be able to talk and to see eye to eye. Plenty of passion is there, too!

Virgo: In 2016, the unusual and thrilling may appeal to you more, Virgo. You won't push the envelope too far, but the quiet, safe date will satisfy you less than it used to. The wildest ride may come early in the year, so keep your guard up and your wits about you. Take notes - you may want to write about it all later. In March, a Lunar Eclipse in Libra could bring you an introduction to another romantic thrill. If you're not in the mood, it will be easy to graciously bow out. After April, your love life should calm down but still be fun. Enjoy more time in group settings through August and September. You could meet some charmers now. Flirt and be flirted with. Early winter is also party time as holiday season ramps up and you could connect with a kindred spirit, if not a soul mate. This will be no frivolous connection. Be as serious as you desire, and be met with equal seriousness and sincerity.

Libra: Expect the unexpected in 2016, Libra! Meet new people and go try out some new date locales. The year starts with romantic mixed messages. The January Mercury retrograde will slow things down and may moderate Pluto's urge to do the outrageous. Your tastes in dating subjects may surprise you now, but you can "window shop" rather than say yes to every possibility. Dreamy prospects abound in March, but they may not stir your blood. For excitement, wait for April and a stronger Uranus influence. Share big feelings in June. A possible soul mate could make an appearance! September and October are for intimacy and karmic encounters. Listen to your head and heart. You'll be most appealing now, too, so expect to draw a lot of attention. Relax with friends in December, but don't slow down. 2016 may go out with a burst of passion!

Scorpio: 2016 may be one of those years when you're not sure what you want but you'll know it when you see it. Fantasy and wishful thinking may take up as much time as actual dating, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Your heart is figuring things out. Romance could start off with a bang in January but one of you may come on too strong, or you may be on two radically different pages. If so, relax. You'll laugh about it later. If you're feeling listless or lonely in February or March, there will be some love prospects but they may remind you of other loves that have come and gone. You can still have a good time together, so don't get moody. There's fresh dating excitement in April. Reach out and touch someone's heart in August. Be gentle and see if it's mutual. December is the time to give someone the chance to be serious about you, if that's what you want. It's your call.

Sagittarius: 2016 has more than its share of fun and thrills, Sagittarius! It also has more than its share of luxury and extravagance, too. Ration your energy and your spending, and enjoy dates who are willing to spend more time and/or money on you. Money isn't everything, but it may perk up and improve the appeal of a few prospective love interests in January and February. Be on the lookout for more ambitious - and more amorous - partners in March and April. A romantic fantasy could briefly come to life in March. Enjoy the emotional comfort and pampering. You may get bored by April, though. Too much familiarity can become a turn-off. September and October bring love and excitement with minimum stress. A lucky encounter in October could smooth old wrinkles and bring back an old flame. You'll possibly meet someone special in December... someone who is not flashy nor a big spender. Look for deeper qualities and connect with someone who shares your worldview.

Capricorn: You may have more of a wandering eye in 2016, Capricorn. This can create endless opportunities to make those romantic contacts. But 2016 is definitely more about real world connections than about sweet dreams and fantasies. It may be hard to turn down your personal intensity, most often in January and February. Who knows, but you may sometimes be mistaken for a Scorpio - with no harm done! Autumn holds a lot of social activity. With Jupiter and the Lunar North Node in Virgo, you may spend a lot of time doing fun things with interesting people. None of them may be your soulmate, but it certainly will widen your social circle and increase your prospects. November and December could be the best time to strike a strong romantic chord with a special someone. Venus and Saturn are both intensely powerful, and a person with those big-hearted passionate qualities could become very attractive.

Aquarius: 2016 is romantically super active, Aquarius! Chance encounters and conversations, some of them unusual, will bring you lots of dating prospects. In May and June, that certain stranger may be irresistible. Someone new may be compelled to talk to you. Creative or career interests may attract you to each other. Keep things casual and out in the open and your 2016 Moon in Gemini will help you stay happy. An urge for romantic excitement might strike you in April, but it could be costly. You know how to stay level-headed. If a passionate fling is to happen, Autumn is the most likely time. It's rare that feelings run away with you, but this year's Mars in Scorpio is very strong. Most new contacts will happen in group settings, through mutual friends and at music or art events or parties that naturally bring like-minded people together. Be socially smart, as usual, and have abundant fun... especially in November and December!

Pisces: You can attract a lot of dating attention in 2016, Pisces. Happily, you have the charm and the wit to sort through all these romantic prospects. In February and March, you may find that you've raised your standards and want to be with more solid, highly evolved partners. Keep those standards and expectations up there and don't settle for anything or anyone less. July and August could be prime times to meet a very special someone who meets all your requirements. Make sure they treat you the way you want to be treated. You're busy and popular all year long, even in November and December when the phone, emails, and texts may slow down. The people and dates in your life now, though, are high quality companions and you want to pay them more attention anyway. Get to know them on a deeper level.