Jackie Hill Perry has explained why she believes pastors and churches really need to stop

According to to the rapper, writer, preacher, and poet, who used to be a lesbian, people need to know that God wants to affect everything about them, not just make them straight.

What is exactly is the "heterosexual gospel?"

In her newly released book, Gay Girl, Good God, a part of which was published on DesiringGod.org, she starts by first defining this term.

She notes that this gospel is all about telling gay people that they will become straight as soon as they give their lives to Christ.

In her words, "The heterosexual gospel is one that encourages SSA men and women to come to Jesus so that they can be straight, or it says that coming to Jesus ensures that they will be sexually attracted to the opposite sex."

Perry further explains, "It usually sounds like, 'I know you're struggling with being gay. I can promise you, if you give your life to Jesus, he will completely deliver you from those desires because he loves you.' Or, 'I know a guy that used to be gay and now he's married. Jesus will do the same for you if you trust him.'"

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Why pastors really need to stop preaching the "heterosexual gospel" to gay people

The writer, who once identified as a lesbian but is now married to a man and has two daughters, goes on to explain why the "heterosexual gospel" is so problematic.

Her issue with this teaching is that it takes the focus from Jesus which is the goal of the Christian life and "puts more emphasis on marriage" instead.

Perry says, "What the gay community needs to hear is not that God will make them straight, but that Christ can make them his. Someone trying to pursue heterosexuality and not Christ is just as far from a right standing with God as someone actively pursuing homosexuality. They have put their faith in a new 'orientation' rather than in knowing the living God."

Using her personal spiritual journey as an example, the now 29-year-old writes about how she was affected by the "heterosexual gospel."

She refers to when she once believed that if she "could just be straight" that "God would accept me and call me His own." Now, she says she knows that this is a "delusion," and a possible explanation for why "salvation has eluded many same-sex attracted men and women."

"You will hear them say how they've sought God's help in this manner. They have asked Him to make them straight and He has, according to them, denied them access to the miraculous. The error is this: they have come to God believing that only a fraction of themselves need saving. They have therefore neglected to acknowledge the rest of them also needs to be made right," she wrote in her book.

This would explain why she is so passionate about getting pastors and churches to let go of the "heterosexual gospel" and return to the only purpose of the Christian faith -  knowing Christ.