Another tragedy was averted after elders intervened and stopped a crowd from

According to a Facebook user, Moses Bamidele, the young boy who is known to their household, had visited them as they prepared for a ceremony, slept over but while leaving the following money, he was nabbed with the stolen items.

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Bamidele narrated how the boy was rescued by elders from angry youths.

"Last week, 7-year-old boy got burnt to ash for stealing garri, claiming he was hungry. Today is my dad's turbaning.

This boy came to our house yesterday, ate our Eba, disguised to be part of us, slept in my grandma's room and stole our money and phones.

He left very early this morning, but unfortunately for him, we caught him. Don't trust anyone, and be careful with who so ever you mingle with."

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Just last week, there was turmoil in the land when a jungle justice video of a purported boy being beaten and burnt to death by a crowd in Lagos, with many condemning the actions of the crowd.